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Choosing Between Stackable and Rackable Pallets

13 Aug 2018

There is definitely now a clear preference for plastic pallets over wooden pallets in the shipping industry and for lots of reasons. Plastic is more durable and sustainable, and they are also easier to clean and sanitise and are obviously more weather-resistant than their wooden counterparts. Plastic pallets are also more versatile, as they can be used in a wider range of environments and temperatures. Whilst the initial cost of new plastic pallets is higher, you will make big savings in the long term, which makes the choice obvious, but once you have opted for plastic, which system do you go for? You can choose between stackable and rackable pallets.

pallets stacked

Rackable Pallets

A rackable plastic pallet can hold a certain amount of weight.

Rackable pallets are specifically designed to be used with a pallet rack system. These are very versatile pallets and are available for a large variety of different uses. So whether you need to transport food items or very heavy loads, you can use a rackable pallet in any system which is able to accommodate the particular size and weight of your loaded pallets. Systems include edge racks, pushback racks, supported open beam racks and open wire mesh racks.

Stackable Pallets

These are a popular choice for many good reasons. They have support on the bottom, which means that they can be stacked neatly on top of another pallet that is loaded. The clever stacking mechanism allows these pallets to be stacked neatly whilst being transported and when in storage.

The stackable pallet system is a system which allows pallets to be stacked without the need for any of the systems mentioned above. They can be moved around like rackable pallets, and they provide huge flexibility when it comes to the best use of space available in your warehouse. If there are no racks available, then stackable pallets are the perfect solution, and they make it possible to easily modify and adjust the set-up of your warehouse space depending on requirements. Even if you are looking into installing racks, stackable pallets can still be a good option, as they are very easy to move around due to their lightweight properties.

When considering the load capacity of stackable and rackable pallets, rackable plastic pallets can carry more than stackable pallets. Rackable plastic pallets are heavy-duty, so stackable pallets are lighter and easier to move. Both take up a similar amount of space in your warehouse.

Both stackable and rackable pallets can be cleaned, but it is easier to clean rackable plastic pallets as they are the stronger of the two, and this means that they are also more durable and therefore have a longer life span. Rackable pallets are harder-wearing as they are designed for more heavy-duty usage.


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