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The Difference Between Rackable and Stackable Plastic Pallets

20 Jan 2016

In the warehouse and transportation industries, more and more operators are turning to plastic pallets over their wooden counterparts. The reasons are obvious and numerous. Plastic pallets are durable, sustainable and easy to clean and sanitise. Plastic can also be used in a wider spectrum of temperatures and environments.

The initial cost is of purchasing new plastic pallets is higher, but the return on investment is quickly recouped – possibly within the first year, depending on their use. Either way, the long-term savings are significant. For most users, the choice to use plastic is a clear one. However, the big question remains: which system to choose – rackable or stackable?

Rackable Plastic Pallets

As the name suggests, rackable plastic pallets are purposefully designed to be used in conjunction with pallet rack systems. These pallets are available for all sorts of different industrial uses, but the benefit of using them comes down to their versatility. Once you’ve decided which type you need, whether for transporting food or heavy loads, a rackable pallet can be used in any system which can accommodate its size and load, such as fully supported open-beam racks, edge racks, pushback racks and even open wire mesh racks.

Stackable Plastic Pallets

Likewise, the stackable plastic pallets system works on the premise that the pallets need to be stacked without the use of beam racks, pushback racks or any other system . They can be used and moved like rackable pallets and can accommodate all types of packages and loose products, including plastic boxes. The advantages of this method of warehouse management and transportation come from the flexibility stackable pallets provide in the use of space.

For operations without existing racks, stackable pallets can provide a quick and immediate solution. They also allow the setup and configuration of warehouse storage space to be adjusted and modified to suit current uses. Even for users considering installing new racks, stackable pallets are sometimes a good option because due to their lightweight properties they can be moved easily.

Making the Right Decision

Only you can decide what’s best for your business requirements, but as with any commercial judgement that needs to be made, cost always plays a part. Whether you decide on stackable or rackable plastic pallets, one great advantage is the possibility to acquire used plastic pallets. The durability of plastic pallets makes this a very viable commercial option and one worth considering.

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