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How to clean plastic pallets to remove dirt, dust and sand?

20 Oct 2017

How to clean plastic pallets

Cleaning your plastic pallets is a notoriously tricky task but an essential one. Those corners, nooks and crannies can be hard to reach, especially when you’re talking about the sand, grit and dust that can easily collect in them. Is it best to outsource this cleaning or do it yourself, and how can you clean those corners? Read on as we explore this often-overlooked issue.

Handle with Care?

The good news is that pallets made from plastic are incredibly robust and durable, which is what gives them such a huge advantage over traditional wooden ones. It also means that you can use heavy-duty detergents and jet washers and it won’t cause any damage or erosion to the plastic.


There are some companies out there that will clean your plastic pallets to a very good hygienic standard and will also dry them and return them to you as good as new. Obviously, there is a cost attached to this that at first glance may seem high, but when you consider the man-hours it will cost you for a member of your own staff to clean the pallets, it may actually end up being cost-efficient. Companies with a very high number of pallets may also find this is a cheaper option overall.

Do It Yourself

If you only have a few plastic storage pallets, or perhaps you have a situation where you have staff on-site that need to fill gaps in time, then doing it yourself is a good idea. Firstly, make sure you are in a well-drained area, preferably outside, as cleaning pallets is a messy and wet activity. Secondly, find a pressure washer, or even jet attachment to a hose, which will be essential in shooting dirt away from seams and corners. Also use a good disinfectant/detergent. Any all-purpose detergent will do the job. Make sure your staff member has a pair of gloves so the detergent and water doesn’t irritate their hands. Also ensure you have put out clean pallet racks to dry them on rather than letting them dry on the floor, where more dirt and grit may attach to the wet pallets.

Getting your pallets clean is essential, as dirty pallets can pose a health and safety risk to consumers and staff. Whether you go for outsourcing or do it on-site is a simple calculation about the number of dirty pallets you have to be cleaned, the spare man-hours you have available and the costs involved. Either way, make sure that cleaning plastic pallets is a well-established facet of your general cleaning rota. Aim to clean pallets on a regular basis, but also allow for them to be cleaned on an ad hoc basis if they need additional cleaning.

Why It’s Important To Keep Plastic Pallets Clean

Plastic Pallets can be used in a number of different ways, including storage and transportation for medical supplies, food, specialist equipment and general goods. It’s important to ensure that with all the delicate products you ship, the pallets you use aren’t spoiled. By keeping the plastic clean from dirt, dust and sand, you can make sure that the goods you’re transporting are kept safe from contamination. 

Benefits Of Plastic Pallets 

Plastic Pallets are easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for use in storage and transportation. The top three ways you can keep the pallets clean from substances such as dirt, dust and sand is by using any of the following methods:

Manual Cleaning 

As the name suggests, manual cleaning requires a lot of time and work, as you’ll be required to clean the pallets yourself. To do this, you’ll first want to wipe down the surface to tackle any potential dust. You could also use an air compressor to remove any other substances before cleaning the pallets with a wet cloth and strong soap. 

Steam Clean Your Pallet 

To sterilise the pallets, the best option would be to steam them, with temperatures around 165 F. By sterilising the pallets, you can ensure that harmful bacteria are destroyed. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove microorganisms that are located on the pallet’s surfaces. We highly recommend this option if you are using plastic pallets to store/transport food and pharmaceutical products. 

High-Pressure Washes

Have a bulk amount of pallets requiring a wash? Using a high-pressure washer is a great way of removing dirt, dust and sand from pallets. There’s a wide range of washes that come in various sizes, speeds and water options, which makes it easy for you to choose the best option for your company.  

Plastic Pallet Prices 

Do you require plastic pallets that are easy to keep clean against dirt, dust and sand? Then order from our site today. We have a range of used and new plastic pallets, which can buy using our secure checkout system. If you have any questions, use our online form today. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can. 


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