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Best Uses for Plastic Storage Boxes

25 Jul 2017

There’s nothing worse than storing expensive jumpers and special clothes away and then finding that moths have found their way into the cardboard boxes you have used and have spent the summer contentedly chomping through your favourite sweater. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this, and that’s by using plastic boxes, which have multiple advantages over cardboard. If you use a storage box which has an integral lid and which is sealed when the lid is closed, you can spare yourself the expense of replacing your best clothes. Plastic storage containers will also keep out dust and mould, which can attack books, artworks, textiles and other items.

Plastic Is Better for Stacking

One of the other great things about plastic storage boxes is that you can buy ones that are stackable. These are designed with robust frames to allow the weight to be carried on the strongest part of the structure. Whereas a stack of cardboard boxes will soon degenerate and begin to sag, transferring all the weight on to the goods in the lowest box, stacked plastic storage boxes keep their structure intact.

This means that you can save space by stacking plastic boxes much higher than you could stack cardboard boxes. And unlike cardboard boxes, which begin to totter and become unstable when several are placed in the stack, a stack of plastic containers will not move. So it’s a safer way to store things.

Customise Your Storage

There are other space-saving benefits with plastic containers, and these spring from the fact that the containers come in several different types so that you can choose the ones that best suit your requirements.

For example, you may want containers that can be nested one inside another when they are not in use. Alternatively, you may need boxes that will collapse down when empty so that they can be stored flat and simply opened up for use when they are needed. There are even combination types available, where nesting boxes can have stacking frames so that they can be stacked in the same way as rigidly framed boxes.

The other great thing about using plastic storage boxes, is that you can choose exactly the size and shape you want and can mix and match shapes as required. Once you have your set of storage boxes, you can start to sort your possessions and decide what you need close at hand and what can safely be stored in a cupboard, loft or garage.

For example, Christmas decorations are only used for a few weeks of the year. Similarly, summer sports equipment, beach towels, balls and so on can be put away at the end of the summer.

And if your house is overrun by toys, take a tip from those parents who have discovered that if they put some of the toys away for a month or two, when they take them out again it’s as if it’s a whole new set of gifts for the child. Some parents have lots of toys from an older child whose younger sibling isn’t yet ready to play with them. Rather than throwing or giving them away, they can be stored in stackable plastic boxes until the younger child is ready to make use of them.

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