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Picking The Perfect Plastic Pallet For Your Industry

08 Sep 2017

Plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular for lots of good reasons. If you want to decrease the weight – and thus the cost – of shipping, plastic is an extremely durable and lightweight choice. As they can be used many times with little effects of wear and tear, they are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that reduces waste and trims costs. They are not affected by damp and therefore represent a very practical choice if there is a possibility they will get wet.

Different industries have different specifications when it comes to shipping goods; therefore, it is important to be aware of the varied applications of a range of pallets when it comes to making your selection.

industry pallets

Food and beverages

Hygienic pallets are a must in the food and related industries. It is extremely important that items in this sector are not contaminated in any way by fungi, bacteria, pests, or any form of soiling. Hygienic pallets are designed to reduce this possibility, with no seams or spaces in which debris, dirt, waste or pests can accumulate. These plastic pallets generally have a very smooth surface to eliminate the opportunities for unwanted stowaways as much as possible.

Pallets for export

Sending goods abroad can mean long and rigorous journeys and conforming with a long list of regulations. Export pallets are manufactured to make exporting as easy as possible and are available in a variety of models and in different levels of durability to deal with medium, light or heavy loads. As another bonus, export pallets will not require any treatment to eradicate pests, which not only makes the whole process simpler and will save you money but also means there is no risk of the pest treatment certification expiring due to any delays in transit.

From shipping straight to retail display

The display pallet is very popular with supermarkets and a range of shops. With a display pallet, the goods go from the manufacturer to the retail outlet and remain in the pallet in which they were shipped. This has all kinds of advantages in reducing costs and labour and gives the manufacturer some control in how the products will be displayed; in addition, this reduces the risk of the goods being damaged. This type of pallet is available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. The appearance of the pallet, the goods and the load capacity of the pallets are all factors in making a choice for this category.

Plastic pallets also have applications when shipping liquids. There are specific pallets that can be used for transporting large bottles of water; of course, plastic is the ideal material should there be any form of leakage. Drums of chemicals can also be shipped in special pallets made of plastic, which are known as chemical pallets. These also have a range of uses, including transporting raw materials in granular or powder forms and a variety of goods in bags.

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