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Use of plastic pallets in construction industry

26 May 2014

Plastic pallets are used by a wide range of sectors across the globe, including the construction industry. In this instance they have a wide variety of uses and are preferred over wooden pallets for their numerous benefits, including durability and strength.

How Are Plastic Pallets Used by the Construction Industry?

Plastic boxes can now be seen on many building sites, whether they are small or large. They can be used for the storage and transportation of a range of different items. These boxes are also helpful for containing debris, mortar and other waste on a site until it can be disposed of. The boxes can then be stacked and transported on plastic pallets to an area where they can be dealt with safely.

Plastic pallets are also used to transport goods to a site by suppliers and distribution centres. They are especially beneficial when used with plastic containers for protecting delicate and fragile items, including lighting and other fixtures. The pallets can quickly and easily be loaded on to trucks and then unloaded when they reach the site.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Pallets?

Over the past few years plastic pallets have started to gain ground on their wooden alternatives, and they are now becoming an increasingly popular choice for the construction industry. They are a cost-effective option, which has been a crucial element for many building companies during the economic downturn. Plastic pallets and containers can be reused on many occasions without deteriorating in quality. They provide a strong and durable transportation system for containers and boxes.

When companies are searching for pallets or plastic boxes for sale, one of the key factors is the ease of use. Plastic pallets make storing and transporting goods simple. They are designed to be used with forklift trucks and can be taken directly to where they’re needed, even in the middle of a building site. They are also extremely strong, even though the pallets themselves are fairly lightweight. This is crucial for the building trade, where many of the goods they require are heavy and of varying shapes and sizes. Plastic pallets are able to deal with all such cases without damaging the products they’re carrying.

Plastic pallets are resistant to weather extremes and won’t be damaged by water, which is particularly important if they’re being left outside on a construction site. They don’t absorb moisture, which could damage the goods, and they can also handle changes in temperature without affecting their stability.

Health and safety is a critical element for the building sector and any way of avoiding accidents is welcomed. Plastic pallets make it safer for employees to transport goods across the site. They limit the number of injuries caused by manual handling and there is no risk of catching a nail or splinter.

As with many other sectors, the building trade has seen the benefits that plastic pallets can bring to their industry. From carrying supplies to removing waste, they have varied uses.

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