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Are Plastic Pallets the Best Option for Shipping?

08 Jun 2017

The majority of firms that ship products utilise pallets. From storing to transportation, the pallet prevents movement and protects the goods as they are handled. The plastic crate is incredibly strong. They can be stacked and shipping loads increased compared to when wooden pallets are used. They are widely used across the world on cargo ships, in trucks and at almost every warehouse. They are universally recognised, with easy-handle and safe properties.

Benefits of the Plastic Pallet

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting pallet option, plastic is a great choice. The many benefits of the plastic pallet are outlined below.

Using pallets made from moulded plastic will prevent damage to your goods, both during shipment and when being stored. There is a huge range of different pallet types, such as export pallets and stackable, rackable and nestable pallets. Whatever your requirements, there will be a suitable plastic crate available. When compared to other options, plastic moulded pallets have been found to reduce the risk of injury, increase productivity and reduce instances of product damage. Importantly, they are better for the environment. They will also save you money.

The economic and environmental benefits of plastic pallets for shipping, general transportation and storage have seen more and more companies making the switch. Highly efficient, they are 100 per cent recyclable and effectively reduce product damage due to improved durability, smooth design and continuous support. Unlike wood, a plastic pallet will not chip or splinter, and there are no nails to worry about. Overall, this obviously improves the safety of the product. In addition, using plastic moulded pallets serves to boost levels of sanitation and eliminate delay at the customs stage, where wooden pallets are often rejected.

Unlike other types of pallet material, plastic pallets for freight can be reused again and again over many years. They are constructed from a high-density polyethylene which is suitable for freezer products, can be steamed cleaned repeatedly and will look good for a long period of time. The material used is also significantly lighter than wooden pallets, which can be bulky and difficult to keep clean.

Reduce Costs

Regardless of the type of pallet you are utilising, shipping charges can be considerable. However, a plastic pallet can be reused again and again, and as they are approximately 30 per cent lighter than wood, freight costs are lower. Over time, this will naturally improve the operational efficiency of the company. It is also possible to buy used pallets if you wish to further reduce the initial or ongoing outlay.

For those who decide not to purchase used pallets, there are still ways to keep the cost down, such as bulk-buying injection moulded pallets. The larger the order, the better the deal that can be achieved on the price per plastic crate.

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