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Are Plastic Pallets and Plastic Boxes Recyclable?

17 Oct 2017

Plastic pallets are a wonderful innovation in many ways for the safe and efficient transportation of goods. For a start, they last a long time and can be used over and over again. The pallets themselves can be recycled, and a range of waste plastics can be used in the manufacture of the pallets, which is a big win for the environment.

Getting Greener

The ways of recycling the plastic pallets are becoming more sophisticated. If you have a stack of plastic boxes or pallets, whoever delivered them may be interested in picking them up as they can be reused, recycled or even sold to be a material used in manufacturing other items. There should be a number that is placed inside the triangular arrows which are printed on the pallet somewhere. This will be a code that designates the quality of the plastic used in making the pallet. A recycling facility will want to know this code when considering whether to collect these pallets for recycling.

If you have a sizeable number of plastic items to be recycled, make sure they are stored in a safe place. Depending on the plastic used to make them, they could be quite valuable and a target for thieves. The same goes for other types of plastic waste. As awareness increases of the effective emerging technologies for recycling plastic pallets, they will be more sought after as their value increases.

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Putting Discarded Plastic to Good Use

Collecting scrap metal and selling it was once a viable business. Though unwanted plastic had been a problem in waterways and landfill sites until quite recently, these days methods of recycling plastics are constantly evolving, and some companies even pay for plastic boxes and other kinds of waste plastic that can be disposed of and reused in an ethical and ecological fashion. Some recycling facilities can work with warehouses and distribution centres that produce a great deal of plastic waste and set up a recycling system that helps their clients to make their processes more efficient and implement recycling strategies that bring maximum benefits to the business. Recycling programmes can be developed that are integrated with the daily operational processes of an enterprise while at the same time delivering considerable environmental benefits. Good recyclers make it easy for businesses to be greener. Effective and considerate recyclers will simply and efficiently take charge of your plastic waste and put all your scrap plastic to another use in a eco-friendly way that is effortless to maintain alongside all the other tasks that need to happen.

With their convenience, lightness and durability, the pallet made of plastic is a very versatile aid for shipping and distributing goods. Now that serious attention is being paid to recycling plastic pallets, this means the pallets are becoming ever more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Apart from their recycling value, plastic shipping containers are also impervious to moisture. And they will not splinter or rot, and with recycling methods becoming more sophisticated all the time, they really are the pallet of the future.

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