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Top 3 Uses For Plastic Pallets

18 Nov 2017

Plastic pallets are growing in popularity as a method for storing and transporting a wide range of items from one location to another – often overseas. The many benefits of the plastic pallet are certainly contributing to their growing usage, making them ideal for a number of different applications. Here are three main uses for this type of pallet.

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1. Hygienic Transportation

What makes the plastic pallet stand out over its wooden counterpart is that it is ideal for use with items that need to be transported as hygienically as possible without any possible contact with sources that could pose a contamination risk, harming the health of others and spoiling or damaging the product itself. Industry sectors that may demand this type of pallet include hospitals and food and beverage manufacturers (particularly for transporting fresh items like meat, fish and dairy), supermarkets, petrol stations, canteens and catering establishments, who have to adhere to strict standards set by the HACCP-system.

With the many uses for plastic pallets, they are especially hygienic because dirt or possible contaminants are unable to stick to the surface of the pallet. Wood, on the other hand, easily absorbs moisture and bacteria as it is porous.

The plastic pallet is also the preferred choice for companies requiring strictly hygienic shipping, as this pallet does not attract insects or vermin, which are also potential contamination sources.

If contamination from a pallet damages the goods it is carrying, it can cause a lot of problems for a company, resulting in wastage of time and additional costs of having to replace the items.

2. Exporting Products Overseas

The virtue of the plastic pallet is that it is durable and hard-wearing, so it is especially ideal for use by those companies that need to ship items abroad. In fact, many businesses prefer the plastic pallet over the wooden one for international shipping, as the plastic pallet does not require special treatment to keep vermin at bay, unlike the wooden pallet.

Businesses also appreciate the cost and time benefits associated with the plastic pallet. Crucially, wooden pallets are more prone to getting damaged, because the wood can often split, rot or warp, so when you need to ship goods over long distances, having a pallet that is reliable and sturdy and offers optimum protection is essential.

3. Use in Chemical Industries

One of the major uses for plastic pallets involves businesses working in the chemical sector. Many chemical products need safe and secure transportation to ensure they remain stable, do not come into contact with any contaminants, or do not cause contamination with other substances in the pallet. There are lots of products involved in this sector, and they can include items such as medicines, chemical liquids, bagged products and octabins. The plastic containers that are used in the chemical sector are often known as CP-pallets and are specifically used for the purpose of shipping chemical items.

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