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Why Plastic Pallets Are The Best Choice For Your Shipment

03 Aug 2016

Pallets have become one of the most popular methods for shipping goods, and it’s easy to see why. Their standard size and ease of handling make them suitable for a wide variety of products, and they can be used through the whole shipping process, from bulk truck loads through to the final delivery by smaller vehicles. They’re also cheap and can be re-used,

However, the traditional wooden pallet has its drawbacks. It’s vulnerable to damage, and that can lead to handling problems due to splits and splinters as well as protruding nails. Wood can also be adversely affected if it gets wet, and pests can take up residence in joints and gaps. It’s for these reasons that plastic pallets are gaining traction in the market.

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Why Plastic?

Using plastic pallets eliminates many of the problems associated with the traditional wooden type. They’re not affected by moisture, and they can be easily cleaned before re-use. They’re tough too, which means they’ll last a long time, and because there are no nails or sharp edges and they don’t splinter if they do get damaged, so they’re also better to handle.

The plastic is non-slip too, making them safer in use. Any spillages of the cargo won’t stain the surface of the pallet and can easily be washed off, so they’re a good choice for shipping chemicals or foodstuffs. All of this means that pallets made of plastic have a much longer life than the average wooden pallet, and they can last up to ten years. At the end of its useful life, a plastic pallet can be melted down and recycled.

Sizes and Rules

While you can get standard 1200 x 800 Euro pallets made of plastic, they’re available in other sizes too. They come in the UK 1200 x 1000 size and in non-standard sizes too. All of these are available from Associated Pallets.

It’s important to be aware that shipping regulations have an effect on what type of pallet you can use too. This is especially true if you are shipping overseas. The ISPM 15 regulations mean that when any wooden pallets or other wooden packaging are used, they need to be fumigated or heat-treated in order to kill any pests before use. They must then be marked with an approved stamp or they’re likely to be rejected by port officials. This is to prevent the spread of wood pests between countries and is now mandatory for most countries and strictly enforced.

A plastic pallet shipment avoids these problems, as the pallets are easily cleaned and are designed so as not to harbour pests. As a result, they’re exempt from the ISPM 15 regulations and can safely be used on international shipments.

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