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Six Ways In Which Plastic Pallets Can Save Your Business Money

01 Mar 2019

One of the greatest challenges of running a business is optimising efficiency and cutting costs. Understanding and finding affordable methods of transporting items can be tricky.

Today, you have the ability to choose from either wooden and plastic pallets, each in a variety shapes and sizes. Whilst they both serve the same purpose, plastic has many advantages that can help business cut costs.

In this article, we share the top  advantages of plastic pallets that can help your business cut costs.

Exempted From Regulations

Unlike their wooden counterparts, plastic pallets are a lot more free from regulation. Under the rules of the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM-15), all wooden pallets are required to be heat treated with a thickness greater than 6mm. The regulation is needed when shipping between two countries, and is aimed at preventing the spread of insects and diseases.

Obviously, this treatment needed for wooden pallets will incur additional costs on a business, which in the long-run may be much more inefficient. Any unexpected issues with these regulation can also cost businesses further time and money.

Plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM-15 regulations and can provide business with a simple, cost effective shipping alternative in the long-run.

Environmentally Friendly

Plastic pallets have many properties which can make them a great environmental option for business who are conscious about their carbon footprint. For a start, they have much longer lifespan than wooden pallets, which help reduce costs. They are also recyclable, meaning once they reach their end they can be transformed into new plastic products.

Dust and Mold Free

Plastic pallets are much easier to clean because they are completely waterproof, allowing them to be washed and treated by hand or machine. Unlike wooden pallets, they cannot become contaminated because there are no holes, cracks, or crevices that can retain water or harmful chemicals. This helps to lower the maintenance cost and the risk of products getting spoiled, all of which can help lower costs for businesses.


Another key feature of plastic pallets is the ease of maintaining high level hygiene standards. Resistant to termites and pathogens, this style of pallet is ideal for businesses transporting food, beverages, medical supplies etc. Again, business save money by reducing the risk of products getting spoiled whilst in transit.

Safe and Easy to Handle

Lastly, one of the main advantages of plastic pallets are their strength and ability to withstand enormous weight. Not only that, they also ensure consistent dimensional accuracy and loading capacities. They are also 30% lighter, which can help to reduce the cost of shipping.

In most cases, you’ll also find that plastic pallets have a four way forklift entry, which makes them much easier to maneuver around warehouses, whilst maintaining their strength.

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