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What Colour Should My Plastic Pallet Be?

30 Sep 2014

There are many advantages to using coloured plastic pallets, ranging from product differentiation and ease of handling to improve branding and simpler exportation. Associated Pallets offers a complete range of RAL colours, based on the recognised European colour-matching system, whether your business could benefit from a uniformity of colour or a selection of pallets to identify and manage different products.

Why Choose Coloured Pallets?

Coloured pallets provide a simple method of quality assurance and control. It is possible to recognise a coloured pallet from much further away than is necessary if a barcode is the main method of identification, for example. This can be important during handling and warehousing. Audits can be made much simpler when even pallets on high racks can easily be accounted for, and there is less chance of handlers selecting the wrong pallet for shipment if there is a clear colour code in place.

Choosing to use different coloured pallets for different products or materials can prevent cross-contamination, which is especially important if dangerous materials are involved and will help to ensure correct handling for specific items whilst minimising the chance of sorting errors.

Pallet colour can also be an important part of increasing brand recognition and improving the aesthetic effect, especially in retail environments where customers may encounter your pallets. A synthesised approach to colour will promote an idea of unity, brand strength and attention to detail that can only be beneficial to business.

Which Colours to Choose?

There are four main factors to consider when deciding on pallet colours: functionality, international shipping, branding and cost. .


Depending on your operating arena and practices, you may need to consider the UV resistance of the colour you choose and its ability to resist scuffs and maintain its appearance.

International Shipping

Employing specific colours already used and accepted as standard in different countries can improve handling and speed up the processing of your shipments.


In order to maintain branding and aesthetic appeal, you may want to think about how the colours you choose will fit in with your existing colour schemes, ranging from retail premises to marketing material. It will also be a consideration if you plan to incorporate a logo on your pallets. Another consideration should be the choices made by competitors shipping or storing similar products. Coloured pallets can be an ideal way of differentiating your goods, but this will be most effective if there are not too many similarities with competing firms.


Different colours will inevitably incur varying costs, but Associated Pallets prides itself on both its range of choice and competitive pricing. Individual quotes are provided based on specific enquiries, so simply get in touch for more information.

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