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Plastic Euro Crates For Sale

01 Dec 2023

Plastic Euro Crates For Sale

Here at Plastic Pallets UK, we always have a wide variety of plastic Euro crates in stock. Euro crates and containers are a popular choice for companies all over the world for storage and shipping as they are lightweight, durable, and highly efficient.

What Is A Euro Crate?

A Euro crate is a type of crate or box that is made to European standard sizes, which makes them a suitable and convenient addition to any plastic Euro pallet using company. We manufacture and sell eight styles of Euro crates, including versions with one or two handles, with or without lids, and closed or perforated.

Buy yours now, or find out more about our collection below.

Stacking Euro Crates

A great benefit of many of our plastic Euro crates is the fact that they can be stacked and are shaped to provide ample grip that prevents them from easily falling or collapsing. If you have limited floor space within your company, shipping containers, or warehouses, then consider stacking Euro crates to make more efficient use of your storage space. 

Hygienic Grade Euro Crates

No matter which of our eight styles you choose, every one of our plastic Euro crates is manufactured to hygienic food grade conditions. This makes them an excellent addition to any kitchen, food shipping company, or delivery service. 

Plastic Euro crates easily win out the competition for hygiene, as not only are they made to meet standards, but they can maintain those standards for much longer than other crate materials. This is due to how easy it is to clean them! The plastic won’t absorb any moisture or stains, so all you have to do to keep them right and ready is a quick wipe-down with some fresh water, your choice of cleaning solution, and a sponge or cloth. Our plastic Euro crates can last the test of time, making them a worthy long term addition to your storage needs.

If spillages or consistent use of liquids are a concern, then perforated Euro crates can save the day. The perforations, or holes in simpler terms, allow liquid to easily siv out, preventing puddles from pooling at the bottom of your goods. Great for rainy days!

Solid Euro Crates

Our solid Euro crates are heavy-duty and have surprisingly high weight thresholds despite the lightweight material that they are made of. If you do consistently move, ship, or store heavy products or goods, then these can be the right choice for you. However, for even easier warehouse movements, consider our collapsible crates or our crates with wheels. They can add a great new spin to your storage methods!

Our solid Euro crates, also called KLT containers, can come in a variety of dimensions, from 600 x 400 x 280 mm, to 300 x 200 x 140 mm.

Meat Crates

We manufacture our plastic meat crates to be bright red, which helps to minimise the not-so-nice appearance that packed meat can occasionally have. This is especially useful for butcher shops or any other supermarket that stores and ships lots of fresh meat.

Recycled Euro Crates

For those who need a cost effective collection of Euro crates, containers, pallets, or boxes, our used range of products are all refurbished to a high level of quality so that they can offer excellent performance. If you are not working in a high hygiene environment or don’t need to buy in bulk, then our used collection can be the perfect choice for you.

Any of the recycled plastic that we collect that is too damaged to be refurbished is instead melted down into granules that are then heated and pressed into new pallets! Use our plastic pallet recycling service form now to have us come collect your unwanted plastic Euro crates and help us create a more sustainable environment.

Plastic Euro Crate Prices

Buy plastic euro crates today on our website with our easy to use check out system. Our collection of crates and containers is always in high supply so that you can buy in bulk with national next day delivery on orders placed before 12:00 pm. For more information on our plastic euro crates or other services we provide, please get in touch via our contact form or call us at 03301757766. We look forward to hearing from you!

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