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Pallet Plastic Wrap For Sale

23 Jan 2024

clear plastic pallet wrap for sale

At Plastic Pallets UK, we have a variety of plastic wraps for pallets for sale on our website that pairs wonderfully with our full range of new and second-hand plastic pallets.

Compared to other forms of wrapping, plastic wrap for pallets is designed to be stretchy and cling to plastic or wooden pallets without sliding or tearing, making it an excellent choice for your shipping or storing needs. Buy plastic pallets and pallet wrap on our website today, or discover more about the benefits of plastic pallet wrap below.

Why Use Plastic Pallet Wrap?

Pallet wrapping plastic can be incredibly beneficial as a cost-effective method of keeping your plastic pallets and products safe. When transporting goods, there is always the chance that the produce could be jostled off of the pallets, but pallet wrap can help catch it, preventing losses and potential spills. 

Not only is this additional safety “net” useful for preventing the loss of goods, but it can also improve the safety of your warehouse or shipping vehicle. It is quite common for stackable or interlocking plastic pallets to be stacked quite high, and pallet wrap can prevent products from falling on a worker during movement.

Because the wrap is plastic, it doesn’t absorb moisture, which makes it easy to clean and perfect for highly hygienic conditions such as pharmaceuticals or food. When combined with our hygienic fresh pallet plastic, you can get a great reusable combo that will last for years without the need for any replacements. Plus, dust, dirt, critters, and other 

We have clear or black pallet plastic wrap available for purchase. Black plastic wrap can be useful for masking your valuable goods during transport, granting further security through obscurity. Combine with black plastic pallets for a totally chic and incognito look to reduce the appearance of damage and ward off would-be thieves. Meanwhile, the clear options allow for barcodes to be still scanned without needing to unwrap the pallet, making processing and shipping much more efficient. 

It’s easy to use plastic wrap by hand, but the plastic wrap we sell can also work with pallet wrapping machines for larger automated businesses. Another benefit to using plastic pallet wrap over shrink wrapping is that it can be considerably cheaper, which cannot be understated in the current market. 

Recyclable & Biodegradable Plastic Pallet Wrap

Plastic recycling has come a long way over the years, and at Plastic Pallets UK, we’re proud to be at the forefront of supplying recycled plastic products. When you’ve used your plastic pallet wrap, don’t throw it in the trash! Help us maintain a more sustainable world by recycling it!

Don’t need your pallets or plastic pallet crates and boxes anymore? Then give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to take them off your hands. Our excellent recycling and collection service could even pay for your pallets, depending on what you have to offer, so there’s no need to head to a landfill.

Plastic Pallets For Sale

Need a new supply of plastic pallets with your pallet plastic wrap? Look no further than Plastic Pallets UK. We have an unbeatable range of heavy duty plastic pallets, plastic euro pallets, standard and non-standard sizes, and recycled plastic pallets! 80% of our manufactured pallets are made from recycled and recollected materials, so you can have peace of mind that you’re choosing a sustainable, reliable supplier. 

We even have a great collection of plastic pallet boxes, second hand plastic pallet boxes, collapsible plastic pallet boxes, foldable plastic pallet boxes, fish boxes, and so much more! You can choose Plastic Pallets UK as your one-stop shop for all things pallets, boxes, or crates!

Our used plastic pallets are closely monitored and checked to ensure they meet our high quality standards before resale so that you can get a great price for durable and long lasting products. Rely on us for eco-friendly, green plastic pallets or visit our sister website, Associated Pallets, for fully biodegradable wooden pallets. 

Plastic Pallet Wrap Prices

You can order plastic pallets easily on our website with our handy checkout system. For big or bespoke orders, we have a free quoting engine, or you can contact us directly for more information. Need to talk to an expert? Call us at 02380 667999, or use our freephone at 03301757766

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