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Essential Packaging Types for the Modern Business

07 Sep 2014

Lots of businesses rely on shipping goods to customers or suppliers as part of their operation. With the increase in the level of online shopping and trading, the demand for items being shipped from one place to another has increased dramatically in recent times.

The Importance of Packaging

As any organisation involved in shipping items will be aware, it is crucial to ensure that the goods being shipped arrive at their destination safely and in pristine condition. If a product is damaged or broken en route, due to the incorrect type of packaging being used, then it can be disruptive and costly to a business. It may even harm a firm’s reputation, and customers or suppliers may choose to buy from other places in the future.

In the past, most businesses had to rely on cardboard boxes as a traditional method for packaging. Cardboard boxes offer many advantages as a packaging material, but they may not be adequate or suitable for certain items that may require more specific materials. Fortunately, there is a wide range of packaging materials now available that can be used by companies to suit their varying requirements.


Shrink-wrap has become increasingly widespread as a packaging material. It can be wrapped around the actual item to protect it in transit, or it can be used to hold an entire pallet of packages together, making them easier to move. Shrink-wrap is particularly suitable for items that may be fragile or susceptible to damage, as it provides puncture and abrasion protection. For businesses interested in reducing costs or their environmental impact, shrink-wrap scores highly, as it is cheaper and easier to recycle than corrugated boxes.

Pallets and Crates

As a source of secondary wrapping that keeps items safe until delivery, pallets and crates are a really worthwhile component in the shipping process. There are lots of different types of pallets and crates available, including wooden and plastic ones. Most of the pallets and crates that are used for packaging are reusable and recyclable. Whichever type of pallets or crates you decide to use, they can all help to keep packaged goods together, in a safe and dry environment.

Vacuum Packaging

If you have any items that need to be shipped that are perishable or need sealing, then vacuum packaging is one of the most effective types to keep the products in perfect condition. Vacuum packaging essentially removes any oxygen from the items, so that bacteria, yeasts or moulds cannot flourish. Perishable food items, dehydrated goods or medical products are often shipped in vacuum packaging, for instance.

Shock-Mount Packaging

Items that are very fragile cannot be shipped using traditional packaging materials, as they are more susceptible to breaking or damage during transit. Shock-Mount packaging is one of the most effective forms of packaging used for items that are very fragile. This type of packaging has an in-built shock absorption, which protects the item and keeps it in a controlled environment so it arrives in perfect condition. Examples of products that might require shock-mount packaging include unstable chemicals or electronic items.

Preservation Packaging

You may decide to opt for preservation packaging if your item to be shipped needs to be kept safe and fresh en route. Preservation packaging can take the form of shrink-wrapping and vacuum-packaging, as well as cartons, containers, cans and bubble wrap. The type of preservation packaging used depends on the item and which variety will keep it in optimum condition.

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