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Importance of Cleaning Plastic Pallets

09 May 2018

Many businesses choose to use plastic pallets over other kinds, such as metal and wood, for a number of reasons. They are lightweight and durable and resistant to a range of weather conditions. However, one of their biggest benefits is that they are so easy to clean, and in industries such as food production, where cleanliness is of paramount importance, they become a necessity. Cleaning plastic pallets is also a simple process, meaning there will be no interruption to your business’s productivity.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets differ from the common wooden variety in that they don’t have crevices where bacteria and dirt can lurk. They are non-porous, so there is far less chance of bacteria being absorbed into the pallets themselves, resulting in contamination which can then go on to impact on the products. In certain instances this can result in the destruction of entire shipments.

Plastic pallets can be sanitised and cleaned in a way that eliminates this risk. Cleaning plastic pallets on a regular basis means that they will last. Dirt, grease and grime that build up over time can wear down the plastic, so it’s important to maintain a regular routine of washing and scrubbing if you want to extend their lifetime.

How Should You Clean a Plastic Pallet?

One of the advantages of plastic pallets is that they can be cleaned in a variety of different ways. The most common method is to simply wash them with a hose and a good all-purpose detergent or to use steam cleaner. These methods are effective at removing particles and spills. However, if you’re looking for a deeper clean, it’s best to opt for high-pressure cleaning. Plastic pallets are very robust, which means that you can use heavy-duty jet washers and detergents on them and it won’t result in erosion or damage.

If you are going to be cleaning your pallets on a daily basis due to high volumes, then it might be best to invest in an automated pallet washer. These machines are able to wash multiple pallets at the same time, removing dirt, grease and other contaminants. Some even feature additional high-temperature steam applications if you’re looking for sterile cleaning for food industry applications.

If you’re not too sure about putting down a lump sum for an automated pallet washer, you can always outsource the job to a company that specialises in cleaning plastic pallets. They will wash them, dry them and make sure that they come back to you hygienic and good as new. Obviously, this option will only make financial sense if you have too many pallets and not the manpower or man hours to do it yourself.

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