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Benefits Of Euro Plastic Pallets

12 Jan 2020

benefits of Euro plastic pallet

Standardisation of commonly used items offers a number of significant advantages, not the least being cost savings throughout the supply chain and the reduction in used and obsolete parts as designs change, sometimes for unnecessary reasons.

The Euro pallet is one of just six types of pallets in the world recognised by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). While pallet standardisation has obvious supply chain benefits such as time savings for the entire supply chain, Euro plastic pallet benefits also include being a hygienic and environmentally friendly solution when properly tracked and monitored.

Plastic pallets have the added benefit of being lightweight, robust and weather-proof. They also offer numerous advantages for a wide range of applications, including moving and storing products within warehousing facilities, reusing the pallets in closed-loop distribution systems and being used to display products in a store or showroom directly from delivery.

The material is also safer to work with given it is not prone to chipping or exposing workers to sharp splinters, corners or nails.


European Plastic Pallet Standardisation

In the European freight and shipping domain, adoption of the Euro pallet type such as those sold by Plastics Pallets makes it an obvious choice for supply chain efficiency. In Europe, deliveries of hazardous goods or high-value products such as fine chemicals, medical hardware and pharmaceuticals often occur at facilities with advanced systems optimised for Euro pallet use in semi-automatic warehouses and distribution depots.

Automated goods handling systems may only accept officially inspected and genuine (new and repaired) Euro pallets. As a result, receiving goods from shippers not using the Euro pallet requires repacking and loading so that the items may be handled by the receiving company using the Euro pallet format. This additional handling adds time to the shipping and handling cycle and adds risk of losses and damages during transfer.

Regulatory Benefits of Euro Pallets

In addition, Euro plastic pallet benefits are not limited to handling, convenience and recyclability. European import companies can also receive a deposit for unloaded pallets from their local pallet company. They are then recycled or refurbished for reuse.

Due to EU’s Packaging Waste Reduction Laws, non-Euro standard pallets such as American stringer pallets can create costly disposal fees for European importers, with expensive disposal taxes levied on pallets with no reuse potential. Euro pallets are exchangeable and are built to be repaired. As such, they do not incur these taxes until the end of their useful economic life is reached.

Euro pallets are subject to stringent quality standards under the guidance of The European Pallet Association. This organisation, founded in 1991, has long ensured that pallet manufacturers around the world maintain the same high-quality controls to ensure the safe use and reuse of the Euro pallets.

Genuine Euro pallets have integral traceable markings, allowing for the quick identification of the pallet’s manufacturer, thus improving accountability and quality standards in the pallet marketplace. European Union customs officials and authorities are known to act aggressively against companies which build or use counterfeit Euro pallets.

The abundant Euro plastic pallet benefits make it an obvious top choice for shipping and packaging companies for both economic and tax-saving reasons as well as automation benefits, making it a future-proof choice.

Euro Plastic Pallet Prices

Used for the transportation of goods across Europe, euro plastic pallets are an excellent addition to any company. Should your business require you to ship goods worldwide, euro plastic pallets are the ideal choice for you. With Plastic Pallets, you’ll have the option of four different sizes, including:

  • EUR/EUR1: 800 x 1200mm 
  • EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm 
  • EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm 
  • EUR6: 800 x 600mm 

You can order your euro plastic pallets using our secure checkout system. It’s easy to select the dimensions and amount of pallets you want with our site. If you require any unique sizing, please contact us at 02380 667 999 or via the online contact form

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