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Nestable Plastic Pallets Eastleigh

21 Jun 2021

nestable plastic pallets eastleigh

Choose nestable plastic pallets for your project in Eastleigh. This type of pallet is called this as they nest neatly inside each other. This takes up little space, ideal for those with a smaller warehouse area. As an efficient storage solution, nestable plastic pallets are easily used. Just loads the goods onto the pallet, then shrink-wrap and strap in place ready for haulage.

Plastic pallets have been developed to keep with the sustainability requirements. The industry has been working to help offer consumers high performance, increased value and sustainability. The pallets can be used again and again, making them an excellent means of storing and transporting your goods. As a result, you can help reduce plastic waste with our products.

Typically, nestable pallets will have a much bigger contact surface area, which allows them to hold twenty percent more than standard pallet models. They also tend to be much lighter than other pallets, such as stackable. This makes them a great solution for moving lighter goods. Purchase our nestable pallets today by visiting our products section.


Businesses and manufacturers are always looking for new innovations to make the use of pallets easier and more efficient, and nestable pallets have achieved just that. Nestable pallets are one type of pallet that is highly useful in many different industries.

Space Saving

Arguably, the largest benefit of nestable pallets is the space saving qualities they can bring to businesses. This means that pallets can be stored in smaller stacks freeing up valuable warehouse space for businesses and manufacturers. This also allows manufacturing plants to store more pallets on site, maximising the space available to store products, equipment, machinery etc.


Despite being light, these pallets are very strong, with some models being capable of holding as much as 2,300kg. Many models also feature safety rims which can help prevent the cargo from sliding whilst in transit. If requested, skids can be added, which allows exporters to block stack them.


Nestable pallets can help business cut freight and storage costs in the mid to long-term. If a business can store pallets between uses, then they can save money by eliminating the need to purchase new pallets each time. They can also maximise their storage space, making the cost per pallet significantly less.

Depending on the raw material cost nestable pallets can be anywhere from 50-80% cheaper than other types of pallets. They are also very light, which when coupled with their space saving properties can significantly reduce shipping costs. Small financial advantages like this can quickly add up to help make a business more profitable.

nestable plastic pallets eastleigh

The Environment

The materials used in Nestable Pallets make it as reliable as they come and they can be reused for years without any problems.The ability to store more pallets in a smaller space can have a positive effect on the environment and reduce waste.

Not only do nestable plastic pallets take up less space, they also give businesses the option to store and reuse them in the future. This reduces the need to purchase new pallets and is a more sustainable way of running a business. The space saved also allows businesses to use the space and natural resources for other uses.

Nestable Plastic Pallet Prices Eastleigh

Nestable plastic pallets offer convenient, cost effective ways of storing your pallets in Eastleigh. They offering all the same benefits of traditional pallets. Whether you need the pallets for keeping goods safe or transporting them, this is an exceptional space-saving solution. Visit our products section on our website to purchase your nestable plastic pallets today. We offer national next day delivery (subject to terms and conditions).

Fill our out our contact form with your details, specifications, and the nestable pallets you want. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price. You can also give our team a call on our freephone, on 08000 288655. We will happily talk you through the nestable pallets we can offer as well as the sizes we have in stock.

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