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Nesting Plastic Pallets Totton

18 Jul 2021

nesting plastic pallet prices totton

Nesting plastic pallets are the perfect option for transporting goods in Totton. There are a variety of ways to store cargo on these pallets, and they take up little space when they aren’t being used. It is one of the most efficient storage solutions and can save you time, money and space.

There are a variety of load capabilities that our nesting plastic pallets offer, giving you more options for your goods. Some of the models that we offer can hold as much as 2,300kg and can be fitted with clip-on runners or skids to enhance their strength.

Here at Plastic Pallets, we specialise in offering a vast range of nesting plastic pallets for our customers in Totton. From custom dimensions to ISO approved Euro standard nesting pallets, you have many to consider. Our friendly team can help you to find the right pallet for the job.

nesting plastic pallets totton

What Are Nesting Plastic Pallets?

Nesting plastic pallets are quite simply pallets that nest/fit on top of each other. This means that when they are not in use, they save space and are easy to store. This is the perfect solution for Totton businesses that are limited with space. This allows them to reduce storage costs and benefit from a more efficient work environment. Compared to standard pallets, nesting plastic pallets save around four times the amount of space.

As well as its space-saving benefits, our nesting plastic pallets offer exceptional functionality and durability. They maintain their structure and are designed to hold resistance against the temperamental UK weather. Nesting plastic pallets are well-suited to any type of transport. Some nesting plastic pallet models are fitted with safety rims, which helps to prevent cargo from sliding whilst in transport. Goods can also be shrink-wrapped or strapped into place on the pallets.

Nesting Plastic Pallet Benefits

Saved Space

One of the main reasons why nesting plastic pallets are so popular is because of the amount of space that they save. You can store your new nesting plastic pallets in smaller stacks in your Totton warehouse and free up more space. This allows you to make the most of the room that you have and use it for another part of your business. It also means that you can store more pallets and save money on additional storage. If you are a business with limited space, nesting plastic pallets are the perfect solution for your company.


Compared to other pallet materials, nesting plastic pallets are extremely durable and will last for years to come. They are very reliable and require little maintenance; they only need a wipe down from time to time if necessary. You can reuse your nesting plastic pallets in Totton time and time again and avoid having to order more pallets. All these reasons combined allows you to minimise the waste and lower your costs. As a family-run company, we are always finding ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Despite their lightweight nature, nesting plastic pallets are very durable. They hold mid-duty goods and have a bigger contact surface area – allowing you to store around 20% more compared to standard pallet models. There are additional features that can be added to the nesting plastic pallets, including skids, safety rims and a clip-on runner, which provides Totton customers with additional strength for their transportation.

Improved Hygiene

Nesting Plastic pallets are often excellent options for food processing and pharmaceutical companies. This is due to their enhanced hygiene and sanitation benefits. They are manufactured to be as clean as possible and comply with the latest health and safety standards. The nesting plastic pallets that we offer are highly resistant to all forms of contaminants. You can have peace of mind knowing that your new pallets will protect your cargo in Totton. 

Nesting Plastic Pallet Prices Totton

Request a price for our nesting plastic pallets in Totton. We offer competitive and transparent pricing across our entire range of products. After taking a look at our nesting plastic pallets, fill out our quoting form, and we will get back to you with a price. All you need to do is enter your contact information, the pallet of choice and the amount you require.

With years of experience under our belts, we can help you find the right nesting plastic pallet for your Totton business. Send us a message through our online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any urgent questions, give our freephone a call on 08000 288655 and have a chat with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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