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Plastic Pallets to Experience Highest Growth in Coming Future

04 Sep 2016

A new report has been released by Persistent Market Research which investigates future anticipated trends for the pallets market to 2020. It specifically considers the value chain, market dynamics and key players in the pallets industry and reveals some interesting findings.

A Change in Pallet Preferences

One interesting takeaway from the report is that although wooden pallets look set to remain dominant as the material of choice in the near future, the highest growth overall will be witnessed in plastic options, with a greater number of customers looking to buy plastic pallets for their reusable nature, cleanliness advantage and recycled credentials.

Major Users of Pallets

The report also reveals that some of the biggest end users of pallets are industries that include dairy, food and beverages and chemicals. Other major users are within the cement, automobile and retail industries. A majority of operators within these industries rely on plastic pallets to safely transport goods, as they are particularly hygienic and easier to keep clean than wooden alternatives. These industries also require safe transportation and simple structures, which plastic pallet options offer. They are robust, easy to stack and store and also simple to transport, being often lighter than other types of pallet.

Plastic Pallets Southampton

Which Countries Are Set to Experience Growth in Pallet Use?

North America retains the latest market share for the use of pallets, but the Asia-Pacific region and Europe are hot on its heels. Although North America looks set to retain its leading position between now and 2020, marginal growth is expected from Europe, and Asia-Pacific looks set to have the highest proportion of growth as demand rockets from its manufacturing industry.

Demand as a Driver

Demand continues to be the primary driver for pallets, and plastic pallets for sale are heading increasingly towards manufacturing in China and India. Rising demand from the packaging and automobile industries looks set to provide a demand boost for pallets, although infrastructure constraints in some parts of Asia may slightly hamper the rate of growth in pallet use and adoption.

Infrastructure that enables safe transport is a key driver of pallet sales, as major companies can only operate at scale if they can deliver their business with reliable logistics. Pallets are needed to transport the raw materials that will eventually be used to produce goods, as well as finished items for onward transport to retail destinations.

Major Companies in the Pallets Field

The biggest global pallet operators include the Industrial Pallet Corporation, Brambles Ltd, Arrington Lumber, Millwood Co, Tasler Co and Airdex International.

To read the full findings from the report, you can request a download from the authors here:

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