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Using Plastic Pallets For Export

17 Mar 2016

Plastic pallets are increasingly popular for transporting freight around the world. Recent improvements in the design and manufacture of pallets mean that they now have considerable advantages over wooden pallets, especially when used for air freight or other international transport methods. Although new plastic pallets may initially cost a little more than wooden pallets, their long term benefits are considerable. Plastic boxes, plastic crates and other easily stackable storage containers are similarly used for transporting goods. Here are some of the reasons why materials matter.

Weight reduction

Plastic is much lighter than wood. Whether you are transporting goods by air, land, or sea, the heavier the package, the more it will cost. Jet fuel in particular is expensive at the moment, and costs are likely to continue to rise. The new plastic pallets are much sturdier and more stackable than previous variants, which in combination with their lighter weight makes them the ideal choice for transporting goods by air. They balance the weight of the load across their wide bases, rather than the narrow runners of most wooden pallets. This further enhances load stability. The light weight of the plastic pallet has the additional benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of your business.

plastic pallets for export


Plastic pallets have a much longer lifespan than wooden pallets. New plastic pallets can be used over and over again; some have a lifespan of up to 10 years. They are also easier to handle, as they are lighter and they don’t splinter and cause injury. The durability of the plastic pallet means that it can be used and reused, saving you money and fuel each time.

Import regulations

This may be the most important advantage that plastic pallets have over wooden pallets in the international logistics market. Plastic pallets are hygienic and don’t deteriorate in damp or difficult environments. They don’t harbour fungi, mould, bacteria or insects and are easy to clean or disinfect. This is why they are not subject to ISPM15 regulations, which require wooden pallets to be heat treated and stamped if they are to be used for goods coming into the EU. It also makes them suitable for exporting goods to Australia, Canada and the US.


Because plastic pallets are moulded, they are absolutely uniform in size, which makes stacking them far easier and also allows for more precise load calculations.

Distribution companies across the world are recognising the many benefits that plastic pallets bring to their businesses. They are a cost effective solution to the problem of increasing fuel prices and the requirements of a global marketplace.

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