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How Plastic Pallets Helped Deliver Christmas

09 Jan 2017

Christmas is not a time to compromise on quality, and some of the most upmarket retailers and food suppliers weren’t prepared to lower their standards for this festive season just gone. In particular, some of the most sought-after turkeys were transported using top-of-the-range pallet systems to high-end stores up and down the country.

A Top-Class Turkey Journey

Luxury Bourbon Red turkeys from Peach Croft Farm in Abingdon were transported to high-end retail stores such as world-renowned Fortnum & Mason in London and top-quality butchers using state-of-the-art plastic pallet systems. As well as providing customers with a turkey of the most supreme quality, using such high-tech plastic containers meant that there was no compromise on the efficiency of the transportation process.

The Luxury Pallet Supplier

PLS is the packaging logistics specialist that supplied these superior plastic pallets that ensured the crème de la crème of turkeys arrived at their destination in excellent condition. But what makes these plastic containers so special? PLS is a pioneer in RFID-enabled plastic pallets, which provide a wide range of benefits to the user. PLS introduced RFID-enabled plastic pallets to Europe just five years ago, and it has helped to revolutionise the pallet sector.

plastic pallets for turkey

Benefits of RFID-Enabled Pallets

What makes these pallets stand out from others is that they offer superior hygiene credentials. The pallets are completely washable, are simple to keep clean and disinfect after each use and are 100% waterproof for added protection.

As well as being hygienic, these pallets are strong and sturdy and are much more durable than their wooden counterparts. Boasting a longer lifespan than wooden pallets, they also make a cost-effective choice for the long term. Since these pallets are hygienic and durable, users can also save money. As there is less concern about pallet damage causing needless waste, which can prove costly, these pallets are less of a financial burden.

When you’re dealing with a superior product such as Bourbon Red turkeys, which are a rarity as a heritage breed, it also stands to reason that the transportation method chosen from farm to shop isn’t going to compromise the integrity of the high-quality taste of the meat. Therefore, choosing this type of pallet distribution also sat well with the nature of this quality product.

These days, customers are not just focused on the quality and taste of their Christmas turkey: they also want to make sure that their food has been transported safely and hygienically so it arrives in as good a condition as when it left the farm. Knowing where the turkey has come from and how it has been handled can then give customers the much-needed reassurance that they crave.

RFID technology also has the benefit of allowing traceability during the transit process. This is not just a concern for luxury items such as the Bourbon Red turkeys – it’s something that every food manufacturer is keen to concentrate on. Equally, improved visibility of products allows for identification and reduction of asset losses.

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