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Reusable Packaging Best for Food Logistics Industry

04 Sep 2015

The use of reusable packaging is a contentious issue. There have been a number of debates over whether single-use or reusable packaging is the best option for businesses. Many of these have focussed specifically on the food logistics sector. This is an industry that requires a large quantity of packaging, and reports state that generally reusable packaging is the most appropriate for use in this area. Reusable forms of packaging, including plastic pallets, offer a range of benefits to the overall sector, the customers and the environment.

Use of Packaging in the Food Sector

Packaging is an extremely important part of the food logistics sector. It enables goods to be adequately protected during transit and storage. The heavy use of packaging in this industry means that if reusable forms aren’t considered, there is a large amount of waste generated. Single-use packaging, such as polystyrene or cardboard boxes, will need to be disposed of at the end of the journey. These items are cheap to purchase, but they are not always the most efficient option when you take disposal, recycling and replacement costs into account.

Benefits of Reusable Packaging

In the food industry, reusable packaging, such as plastic pallets, can offer manufacturers and suppliers considerable advantages. They are ideal for use within closed loops, where they can easily be returned to their original source. There are both environmental and financial benefits to using them.

The food sector demands high levels of cleanliness and hygiene, and these can be effectively met by the use of reusable packaging. The forms of packaging that are manufactured from plastic can be quickly cleaned after each use to maintain standards.

One of the key advantages of pallets and other forms of plastic packaging is the strength and durability that they provide. This gives higher levels of protection for the goods being handled and enables more items to be stored without the risk of the packaging breaking.

Often businesses imagine that the use of more environmentally friendly products can be costly. However, this is not necessarily the case where packaging is concerned. The durability of plastic gives an enhanced lifespan compared to single-use packaging. This reduces the number of replacements that users need to make and lowers the cost per unit. Therefore users will begin to see savings as they continue to utilise the units.

Even with this durability, reusable packaging will still require replacing eventually. When this is the case, the packaging can be recycled so that it doesn’t use up valuable landfill space. This reduces the damage that is caused to the environment, as recycling and then reusing the plastic puts less of a demand on the manufacturing process.

As reusable packaging becomes more common in the food sector, suppliers, including Plastic Pallets, are enhancing the options that are available to customers. We provide a range of reusable options through our website, such as pallets, pallet boxes and containers. These are suitable for a variety of applications, including use by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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