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Revisiting the Benefits of Plastic Pallets

15 Mar 2015

Plastic pallets have been growing in popularity over recent years. Businesses can now see that the benefits they gain from using plastic models outweigh the higher cost of the actual product. The return on investment that is secured through using plastic pallets is good, and they offer a range of financial and usage benefits.

Economic Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are ideal for use in a closed-loop system, and the cost per unit will come down over time. These types of pallets are exceptionally durable and long-lasting and could cost only a few pence per week when it’s spread across the lifetime of the product. Under normal usage circumstances, a plastic pallet could be used for as many as 10 times more than a timber product.

Nestable plastic pallets can make additional savings, with the cost of purchasing them outweighed by the usage benefits. This can reduce the fuel bills for a business, as trailers can accommodate more empty pallets so need to make fewer journeys.

Better and Safer Handling of Plastic Pallets

When it comes to health and safety, plastic has numerous benefits over timber pallets. There is no risk to the user of protruding nails, splinters or sharp edges. These pallets are also incredibly strong, so they are safer when being manually handled. Plastic pallets work better in modern automated systems, as they are manufactured to consistent dimensions. When timber pallets are used in these systems, they can cause problems if sections break off.

Racking Benefits

Racking is now widely used in warehouses to effectively store goods. These storage systems enable companies to store items easily, and it makes access to goods on pallets far simpler. When the goods are stored on plastic pallets, handlers can know exactly how many pallets can be stored in one rack and the loading limits of them. The capabilities of timber can vary, depending on the strength of the product. This can make accommodating items more complex and time-consuming.

Choice of Products

There are now a wide variety of plastic pallets available, with different sizes and styles that are appropriate for a number of uses. There have recently been a number of new models launched, increasing the specifications available. The types of plastic pallets that are on the market vary from extremely strong and durable styles through to lightweight options. Plastic pallets are ideal for the export market, as they don’t require heat-treating. This means that they don’t have to go through the same process as timber pallets before they can be used.

Even though timber pallets are still the most popular option, plastic models are continually increasing their share of the market. With the numerous benefits now more widely known, it will only be a matter of time before they are the leading choice.

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