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What Is A Custom Plastic Pallet?

23 Mar 2022


Not able to find the right plastic pallets for you? Then perhaps you should try custom plastic pallets designs. By choosing to create a custom plastic pallet, you will be able to stay on brand and make sure your goods don’t get easily misplaced. 

You may be struggling to get the right sizing or want a colour choice that makes them easier to notice. Please get in contact with our friendly team to find out more. Or start by getting a quote via our online form

Custom Plastic Pallet Colours 

A key benefit of ordering a custom pallet is choosing the right colours. We know how easy it is for pallets to go unnoticed during shipping. By choosing to create a custom plastic pallet, managers, staff and warehouse workers will be able to spot them. We aim to make your work easier. If your employees can use a colour-coded pallet system, they’ll be able to do their job faster.

You should also notice a difference during shipment. If you choose to have a colour code, workers will be able to spot the pallets needed for delivery. And as you’ll be able to see which pallets have been distributed, internal audits and stock checks are easier to make. We know you’ll want to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Custom colour pallets are easily identified. This means if you’re following a colour code, stock won’t be left in areas they aren’t supposed to be in. 

We have found custom colour pallets to be quite popular with our retail clients. We know large department stores hold many variations of items, from home ranges to clothing lines. And because of this having a custom colour will aid in putting products in the correct department. Should you have stores across the country, you could set up a colour specific to that store. 

Many pallet companies will offer you the chance of painting your plastic pallets in specific colours. Should you go down this route, you’ll be able to create colour schemes to enhance your brand image.  

Custom Plastic Pallets Sizing 

If you have a hard time finding the right sized pallets for you, having a custom pallet may be ideal. We know it can be hard if you have a small amount of storage. Our bespoke designs mean you will be able to get the correct sizing for your needs. For example, we offer non-standard models that don’t hold the restrictions of set dimensions. 

We know by being able to have the correct size, you won’t end up with wasted space. This is where having a smaller model can come into use. If you have a small amount of storage space, we can customise the pallets to fit into it. 


Why Choose Us? 

We aim to provide the highest quality pallets. Our bespoke service aims to meet all our customers’ needs. We appreciate the importance of sustainability and cost-effective options that reduce the pallets’ environmental impact. With us, you can choose to have your pallets heat treated to prevent cross-contamination. 

Our team are expertly trained and will be happy to help with your specific orders. Here at Plastic Pallet will meet your needs, whether it’s a small or larger complex order. All our products have been tested and are highly reliable. We provide pallets all across the UK, Ireland and internationally. Plastic Pallets is a family run business that knows the importance of our customers’ needs. 

With over 25 years of experience and expertise, which we will be happy to use to help you get the pallets you want. Our company provides a whole range of pallets. To make sure you choose the right one, you may want to look through our site’s ultimate pallet guide page. 


Benefits Of Plastic Pallets 

Compared to wooden pallets, which can in some cases be in short supply, plastic pallets can be melted down and remade once their initial cycle ends. And plastic pallets also hold the benefit of not being regulated the same way their wood counterparts are. This means delays for international orders are minimised. And you’ll also be able to attach tracking devices to the pallets easily. Plastic pallets make it extremely helpful when keeping track of your organisation’s accountability and efficiency. 

Plastic pallets are also quite low-maintenance. Compared to wood, they are easy to keep clean. As the pallets are easy to wash, any potential hazardous spills that happen can be removed quickly. You’ll also have an easier time sanitising the pallets, ideal in a post covid world.  

Contact Us 

Please get in touch if you are interested in ordering your custom bespoke plastic pallet. A member of our friendly team will be happy to help meet your needs. You can contact us via our online form, call our freephone number, 0808 506 4281 or get a quote today


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