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What is the standard size of plastic pallets?

24 Mar 2023

Standard Size Of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are a lightweight and easy-to-handle method of transporting goods. They make an excellent alternative to wooden pallets thanks to their reusable nature and sturdy durability. When choosing plastic pallets, it’s integral to understand how different types are used for maximum efficiency. One of the most important differences to know is the shapes and sizes of the products available. All pallets come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the customer’s needs. However, plastic pallets can be classified into Euro, non-standard, or standard pallets.

But what sizes do they come in? What can be considered the standard? We answer these questions and more below. 

Euro Plastic Pallets

The Euro pallet is a standard-sized pallet commonly used to transport goods across Europe. They typically don’t have the same dimensions as those described by ISO standards. However, they can be used by companies outside of the continent in order to make it considerably easier for the importing company, as they won’t need to repack goods to Euro pallets once they arrive.

Euro plastic pallets are compatible with all types of standard handling equipment, making transporting goods around a warehouse easy. These plastic pallets are manufactured to be of the highest quality standard and are, as a result, extremely durable. When working with EU goods, they can reduce transport costs and increase productivity levels.

 These particular pallets can come in four different sizes:

  • EUR/EUR1: 800 x 1200mm
  • EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm
  • EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm
  • EUR6: 800 x 600mm

The first size, 800 x 1200mm, is usually the standard size one can expect when looking at Euro plastic pallets, but the other sizes are also quite common.

Standard Plastic Pallets

Specifically, standard plastic pallets usually measure 1200mm x 1000mm, which is the same as one of the alternative available Euro plastic pallet sizes. However, they can be made available in various specifications and designs depending on the customer’s requirements. Standard plastic pallets make great budget options and can be produced to be more lightweight. These lightweight products are created to be able to stack on top of each other, which can save you space when they’re not in use. Alternatively, heavy-duty reinforced models are available for heavier loads, which are made in similar standard sizes but use thicker plastic to ensure they can take the increased weight. 

Standard plastic pallets can be specifically designed to be used in hygienic environments, making them perfect for food industries or pharmaceuticals where hygiene conditions are integral to the business. These pallets can also transport goods globally when the Euro pallet restrictions are not required.

Non-Standard Plastic Pallets

For customers in need of different-sized pallets with more unique specifications, there are non-standard pallets. These models offer similar advantages to standard pallets but without the added restrictions of set dimensions. This makes them a fantastic choice for companies that have smaller storage requirements or ones that transport fewer goods. The non-standard plastic pallets can be built to more closely match the area where they will be used, enabling them to fit into the space without wasting any of it.

The plastic also makes them highly efficient as they can be reused over and over just like wooden pallets. You can keep your uniquely sized pallets for longer, making them save you money in the long run.

So what is the standard expected size?

The UK standard size for a new plastic pallet is 1200 x 1000mm, but this usually only applies to the standard model of plastic pallets. Euro plastic pallets have their own standard, comply with EU requirements, and typically come in a size of 1200 x 800mm. Non-standard plastic pallets are the definitive way to go if you’re in special need of more specific dimensions to make the most of your available space. 

If you are in need of plastic pallets or would like to know more about the types and sizes of pallets that we offer, check out the rest of our range here.

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