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6 Types of Industrial Plastic Pallets for Supply Chain Management

15 Mar 2018

A wide range of industrial plastic pallets is available to suit different types of goods and supply chain management processes. If you are new to plastic pallets and supply chains, this may seem like a lot of keep track of, but plastic pallets for industrial purposes are classified in a logical way according to their design, materials and specific attributes, and this means that there is a pallet to suit every requirement.

nestable pallets

Stacking and Racking

The first type of pallet is the stackable variety. It’s popular due to its design, which means these pallets can be stored easily, taking up little space when not being used, and they can be stacked safely without slippage. The bottom of these pallets offers a firm grip, and their configurations – three runner, cross bar or picture frame – mean these industrial plastic pallets are very stable.

Rackable pallets are a great choice for heavy loads. They are designed for stability and strength, enhanced by runners or picture frame configurations underneath, and also save on space. Nestable pallets offer even more space-saving qualities, as they can be manufactured to take up around a quarter of the space that other pallets need. This is a result of intelligent design, as elements of one pallet, such as the legs, can fit inside the legs of the pallet it is stacked on or nesting with. These pallets can be transported easily, which also helps with supply chain management. With the appropriate design, hundreds of pallets can be stacked in a small area until ready to be used.

Adapted for Use

For shipping materials in drums, a drum pallet which is designed to hold the drums securely in place without spillage is the best choice. This type of pallet is produced with recessed rings of different diameters to keep drums firmly positioned during shipping and storage. Another option when looking at plastic pallets and supply chains is the export industrial plastic pallet, which can be made from recycled materials to reduce the cost. This is important, because export pallets are made for a one-way trip, so there is no point using the highest grade of PP (polypropylene) or HDPE (high-density polyethylene). High-quality PP or HDPE pallets are generally used in circumstances where hygiene is important, such as when shipping food items or pharmaceuticals.

Display plastic pallets can go from warehouse to shop floor with no need for the goods inside to be unpacked or rearranged in any way. This kind of pallet is seen frequently in supermarkets and shops, and the pallet can be designed to enhance the display of the goods inside. This type of pallet tends to be lighter and smaller. They can generally be moved by forklift, which is an advantage for getting them into position and also saves on costs and labour.

Plastic pallets are extremely versatile and can provide a range of shipping and storage solutions. Durable and resistant to moisture, they can be used again and again and customised for particular shipping challenges. Chosen wisely, they can save businesses money and provide a positive contribution to making supply chain management simpler and easier.

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