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Why You Should Use Plastic Pallets For Food Or Pharmaceuticals

16 Jan 2020

hygienic pallets


The use of plastic pallets in some industries has exploded over the last few years.

These industries are the food and pharmaceutical industry.

And what’s the reason for this?


That’s right, plastic pallets are much more hygienic than their wooden counterparts.

This makes them an ideal packaging and transportation solution for food and pharmaceuticals. These industries require a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

In our article today we examine the superior hygiene of plastic pallets and why you should use them.

What makes plastic pallets hygienic

Plastic pallets are ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries and not just for their high hygiene levels.

In the following we’ll uncover why plastic pallets are particularly hygienic in nature but we’ll also look at their other attributes.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, plastic pallets can meet stringent hygiene requirements. This is due to many different factors.

The plastic pallet manufacturing process produces smooth sealed top decks which are great for hygiene as it makes them remarkably easy to wipe and clean thoroughly. This is not possible with wooden pallets.

As plastic is non-porous acids, fats, dirt and other substances cannot accumulate this is obviously important in boosting hygiene as it stops dirt etc from accumulating in the first place.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that plastic is, in fact, impervious to odour and bad smells.

Plastic pallets are both fire and water-resistant which limits moisture. This is important in reducing fungus, mould and other bacterial issues which can often occur in wooden pallets which are left in damp conditions. Their resistance to water is another factor which aids in the cleaning process.

Specific hygienic plastic pallets are manufactured from food-grade virgin or recycled plastic. This provides that valuable hygienic element needed in the food and pharma industries.

Other features of plastic pallets make them suitable for hygienic industries too.

For instance, you can add RFID inserts. This improves tracking and automation making plastic pallets ideal for food and pharmaceutical.

Their uniform size, strength and rigidity makes them perfect for automated handling methods which wooden pallets can sometimes struggle with.

The other beauty of plastic pallets is that they’re available in all commonly used sizes. Including UK standard and Euro standard sizes. It’s also worth noting that custom sizes can be manufactured too.

Finally, plastic pallets are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.


These are a few reasons which make plastic pallets great for hygienic requirements.

In short plastic pallets are:

1. easy to clean,
2. contain no pockets or crevices,
3. are resistant to water, mould
4. need heat treatment.

But more than this, they’re great for:

1. automation,
2. handling,
3. the environment,
4. internal processes.

If you’re in the food or pharmaceutical industry you should consider using plastic pallets.

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