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The Benefits of Using Space Saving Containers

13 Aug 2016

Moving premises, whether as a business changing offices, a family moving from one home to another or even international relocations, can be a stressful time with a whole range of considerations to be taken into account and numerous schedules and checklists to draw up and follow. And that is before a single item is packed up ready for transportation to the new location.

Safely getting your possessions from one place to another requires care and attention to avoid damaging valuable items, and this is where the use of plastic space saving containers can be a real game-changer, offering many advantages over standard rigid wooden or cardboard receptacles commonly used to store or move items.

space saving containers

Better for the Environment: Better for Your Pocket

One of the main benefits of using plastic space saving containers is that they are reusable. This is obviously much better for the environment, as it reduces the amount of waste generated from the use of disposable storage options and also helps to limit the amount of materials used to manufacture single-use containers, thus aiding in the conservation of scarce resources. On top of the environmental benefits, reusable containers also work out cheaper, as they can be used time and time again, reducing the cost of ownership significantly each time they are reused.

Waterproof, Robust and Easy to Store

The clue to another great advantage of space saving containers is in the name – they are great for situations where space is a premium, as they are designed to fold down flat and stack together easily and conveniently when they are not in use. This means that after they have been used to transport or store items, they can be put away until they are next needed. It also makes packing up a room easier, as they only need to be opened up when required, leaving room for people to move around as needed during the packing process.

Being made of plastic means that the containers are also waterproof and as such will withstand wet conditions without rotting or disintegrating. The rigid plastic used in the manufacture of the boxes doesn’t buckle, which could ultimately lead to damage both to the boxes themselves, as well as to the items stored inside them.

One Item, Multiple Uses

Space saving reusable containers are not only useful for moving home or relocating your business: these versatile boxes which come in different sizes can also be used as static storage in places where items need to be stored safely but out of sight. In homes they can be used to store anything from toys and linen to books or even cleaning products which need to be kept out of sight either for safety reasons or merely to keep rooms tidy in houses where there isn’t much built-in storage.

Outside of the main living area, the containers are also handy as storage in garage, workshops and garden sheds, and commercial uses include warehouse storage and robust packaging for items being sent out for delivery.

Cleverly designed to collapse flat and stack securely when not in use, these boxes are the ideal storage accessory for any home or office.

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