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Christmas Turkeys Being Delivered on RFID-Enabled Plastic Pallets

18 Dec 2014

This Christmas, it’s unlikely that you’ll spare a thought to the just how you turkey was shipped and handled to end up on your plate. But for those fortunate enough to be feasting on a Bourbon Red turkey – a prestigious heritage breed – you may well be interested.

The turkeys will be sold in places such as the renowned Fortnum and Mason and other exclusive, high-quality butchers in time for Christmas. These turkeys are being delivered using plastic pallets (as many items in the food and beverage industry are) with a twist. The pallets are RFID-enabled (Radio Frequency Identification).

The inclusion of RFID means that the pallets can be shipped for the entirety of the journey, from when they leave the farm to when they arrive at their final destination. This is excellent for ensuring the quality of the food remains as high as durability, time and location are all easily monitored.

Outside of these benefits, there are also obvious logistical benefits to be enjoyed from using RFID-enabled pallets. It optimises the entire handling process by being able to trace exactly where and when shipments arrive. It also allows for much faster process by removing time-consuming manual process in identifying and monitoring packages. The software used in this particular instance also includes an audit history, allowing for the regular cleaning and checking of the package to be monitored.

The sterile nature of plastic pallets has been documented heavily this year, so it’s no surprise to see them used at such a vital time for food deliveries. Plastic pallets are also easily cleaned as welll as being less susceptible to infection of infestation without treatment.

However, if you would like to continue to use wooden pallets in the transportation of food or beverages, we offer heat treated wooden pallets to ISPM15 standards. For more information, please visit www.associatedpallets.co.uk

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