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Innovative New Beverage Plastic Pallet Hitting the Market

27 Jan 2015

Plastic containers have been long-established as the go to for the food and beverage industry. Plasgad is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers and plastic pallets, and they have recently introduced an innovative new addition to their plastics family. Their new and customised beverage pallet has been designed to fulfil a very specific purpose and shows the great benefits of plastics in materials innovation. The added hygiene benefits and cleanability of plastic pallets means that they are ideally suited for the beverage industry because spills and mistakes can easily be cleaned up or rectified. Furthermore, storing and moving heavy packages of beverages is typically quite a difficult operation, especially with pallets. Before pallets were designed with this specific purpose in mind, extra materials were usually necessary so that loads could be properly secured during transportation. This was time consuming and labour intensive. Plasgad’s new design is optimized for the beverage industry and so suited to heavy loads. It has an integral anti-slip stacking mechanism with a particularly broad middle leg. It is also low in weight, thus making the transportation of beverages simpler and, consequently, more cost effective.

An exciting addition to Plasgad’s range

Plasgad is one of the world’s leading packaging and storage providers. The innovative pallet for beverages is a welcome addition to its range of products. It was designed by Plasgad in response to a request from a client, a leading beverage manufacturer who required a pallet that would meet stringent quality requirements and maintain the prolonged life of their products.

The design process

The technical team at Plasgad undertook a lengthy series of tests using different composites of raw materials, searching for a combination that would ensure the durability and long life of the pallet. Sophisticated testing equipment was devised in order to ensure the final product met the client’s rigorous requirements. The company decided to produce a pallet from a virgin material of the highest quality. A variety of new material composites were tested and, following a number of attempts, sample pallets in the newly designed material were sent to the client for rigorous product trials.

The new pallet made from raw materials performed exceptionally well in all the client’s trials, proving that Plasgad had indeed fulfilled their promise and produced an innovative pallet design that was durable, hygienic and would maintain the extended life of the product.

It took Plasgad’s development team, working in collaboration with the beverage company, many months to complete their exciting new pallet design. The benefits of the original pallets were preserved, of course, but with improvements made to suit the beverage company’s requirements. As a result the new design offers the client the optimal solution for their needs.

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