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The Use of Pallet Wrap in Food Transportation

15 Oct 2016

Pallet Wrap Prices

When transporting food, especially perishable items, it is paramount that it is handled and transported safely so it arrives at its destination in optimum condition.

The distribution chain between the point of origin and its final destination on a supermarket shelf sometimes involves thousands of miles. Unless the produce arrives in a perfect state, the wholesaler will reject it, and financial losses are incurred by the transport company.

Food is harvested on farms or orchards and sent for processing before being packaged and transported to a distribution centre. From there, it goes to a warehouse, and, finally, it gets delivered to the store where it can be purchased by the customer.

Throughout the entire process, it is important to keep the product at the correct temperature, and sometimes it requires an unfettered airflow through the packaging.

What Is Pallet Wrap?

Pallet wrap (sometimes known as a stretch wrap or stretch film)is primarily used in food transportation. It is a stretchable plastic film that can either be stretched by hand or by a pallet wrapping machine. The purpose of pallet wrap is to prevent damage during the shipping process stage of food transportation. Pallet wrap can prevent damage to sensitive goods and helps avoid sudden movements, environmental factors, and many other things causing damage to products during their traversal.

Pallet wrap can come in a wide variety of colours and strengths depending on your needs. Here at Plastic Pallets, we can provide pallet wrap that is suitable for food transportation, as well as a vast collection of plastic pallets that are easy to store, clean, and maintain.

Safe Packaging

The most functional and efficient way to transport food by road, rail or air is to use pallets. Unitised pallet loads lower the cost of transportation and distribution and reduces the manpower needed.

Boxes or crates are loaded onto a pallet and covered in pallet wrap, either by hand or by machine. Done correctly, this will secure the boxes and prevent toppling while in transit. If the contents of a pallet do slip, there is not only the prospect of the food being spoilt or contaminated, but it can also be very hazardous and jeopardise safety. If a pallet falls unexpectedly, it could cause an accident that may harm a worker or damage important equipment. Furthermore, properly packaged goods can enhance security, as it is easy to determine whether or not a pallet has been tampered with. This can grant peace of mind to the individuals who are supposed to unload the product once it has finished transporting.

Pallet wraps are available in many formats for use by hand or machine. Modern machines allow operators to customise the wrapping procedure and attain the right stretch to suit their needs. A machine also provides a consistent wrap in the film. A heavily loaded pallet requires a higher tension to ensure the pallet is packaged securely.

Keeping Produce Fresh

If there is a possibility of pallets being left outside and exposed to natural elements such as extreme cold, heat or rain, an outer protective top layer of plastic pallet wrap can also be applied to protect the produce. This has to be applied over the initial pallet wrap to prevent moisture from reaching the produce.

Some perishable goods can end up spoiling if there is insufficient airflow. Without it, things like food quickly begin to deteriorate, leaving open the possibility of harmful pathogens contaminating the produce. Some soft fruits are particularly susceptible to degradation because of condensation brought about by lack of air, but this can be avoided by using a special stretch wrap which is designed with ventilation built into it.

In a highly competitive market where costs must be kept to a minimum, the flexibility of pallet wraps allows fresh produce to be delivered on time and in perfect condition. At Plastic Pallets, we can provide a selection of different pallet wraps to suit your needs.

Plastic pallets also offer the added advantage of being easier to clean, making them much more hygienic for transporting easily spoilt cargo such as food and medicines. When combined with properly applied pallet wrap, produce can be transported almost anywhere with minimal issues. Plus, plastic pallets are incredibly durable, making them very safe for transporting sensitive products that must maintain safe from knocks or bumps.

Pallet Wrap Prices

Discover our wide range of plastic pallet wraps and invest in keeping your products safe during food transportation. Plastic Pallets is capable of offering a wide variety of plastic pallet styles and sizes. Plus, we can even pick up your old and unwanted pallets to refurbish and recycle them. If you have pallets you no longer need, then fill out our pallet collection form here. Contact us today by filling out our contact form with your details, or give us a call at 03301 757766.

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