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Pallet Wrap is Vital for Protecting Loads and the Environment

27 Oct 2016

For those companies that wish to reduce their environmental impact, increase their ‘green’ credentials and reduce their overall waste – and who doesn’t? – pallet wrap could be the answer.

Growing in popularity, pallet wrap is reusable, unlike stretch wrap, which usually ends up on a landfill site after one use.

Available in a range of types, sizes and even colours, the recyclable wrap can be used with a wide variety of products, from food to pharmaceutical items, and is suitable for use with both plastic pallets and wood pallets.


Pallet Wrap

The Green Benefits

Traditional stretch wrap can be used only once, and it is subsequently thrown in the bin, meaning a high environmental and also financial cost to the firm using it.

The versatile wrap, however, can be used again and again, meaning they can benefit your company’s closed loop pallet distribution systems.

It is estimated that for every two feet of the reusable wrap used, around 250 pounds less of stretch film will end up on a landfill site. That’s a lot of waste averted if you make the switch.


The wraps come in a range of sizes and heights and can even be custom-made to order with specific features and in special dimensions to meet your every requirement.

For example, if your products need to remain hidden from view, the wraps can be made opaque. Or if you need to inspect your goods during transportation, they can be produced in a transparent material to make this easy.

If you are involved with transporting fresh food, you may require wraps with vents to ensure your delicate and perishable products can ‘breathe’; this is no problem either.

There are even wraps with pockets suitable for sensors and radio frequency identification devices (often known as RFID tags) which keep track of your load’s temperature and location, should that be a necessity to your operation.

Easy to Use

Naturally, as well as being recyclable, the wraps are weather-resistant and fire-retardant, can be easily rolled up if you need to store them and can be power-washed with hot water for hygienic purposes.

In addition, they are easy to attach and take off, without requiring any stretching or bending. It is estimated that on average it takes someone around 45 seconds to put a wrap on and a mere 15 seconds to take it off.

Each wrap is secured using Velcro belts which loop through strong D-rings and secure themselves, while an extra strap on the top provides added protection from sliding.

For added protection against shifting during transportation or storage, the wraps can be provided with extra-strong corner straps.

Associated Pallets sells a variety of pallet wrap sizes and specifications which are available to order and can be adapted for your every need.

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