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Plastic Pallets Tadley

15 Mar 2022

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Our high-performing range of plastic pallets is available to Tadley customers. We sell Standard Plastic, Non-Standard Plastic and Euro Plastic pallets at competitive prices. National next day delivery is available if ordered before 12:00 pm.

AP Plastic Pallet’s products are incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for use in transportation or storage. Plastic pallets are the best option when it comes to shipping, as pallets don’t need to be repacked upon arrival at their destination. This saves you valuable time. Our pallets are available to our Tadley customers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our pallets can be loaded with significantly weighted products, even though they’re lightweight and easy to move themselves.

Our Environmental Promise

We recognise the importance of being environmentally friendly. As the detrimental effects of climate change become more apparent, we have pledged further to lower carbon emissions to protect the environment. Our work continuously meets the high ISO standards of sustainability, something which we’re immensely proud of.

Read about our plastic pallet recycling service here.

New Plastic Pallets

Our new plastic pallets are some of the most robust pallets available on the market for our Tadley customers. Each different style of pallet has a unique appearance. Our pallets are ideal for multiple different uses. These pallets are both high in quality and competitively priced.

These pallets are manufactured against the very highest industry standards, meaning customers can have peace of mind knowing that their new pallets are designed to offer them unrivalled longevity. Quality is at the heart of our manufacturing, which is why our new plastic pallets are built from scratch-resistant materials.

We are passionate about sustainability. At the end of their lifetime, our plastic pallets are recycled to make new pallets. This leads to a significant reduction in the amount of plastic that is sent to landfills, promoting a more sustainable outlook. These pallets’ strong construction makes them the first choice when it comes to worldwide export.

Used Plastic Pallets

Tadley customers also have more cost-effective pallets available to purchase. AP’s used plastic pallets have been wonderfully refurbished to look and work as if new. These pallets are available to customers at lower prices, based on their size, weight and load capacity.

Our business operations include the collection of unwanted pallets from businesses that no longer have use for them. After collection, we then renovate the pallets. After this process, they are once again fit for purpose. This eco-friendly process prevents no longer wanted pallets from having to go to landfills.

These plastic pallets are an ideal option for the storage and transportation of commercial and residential goods. As well as being cost-efficient, our used pallets offer Tadley customers remarkable longevity. As a material, plastic has a long service life. This service life is extended every time it is recycled. In addition, we craft our pallets to have high internal strength. This gives them better longevity.

Benefits Of Plastic Pallets


Our plastic pallets are manufactured to have superior structural integrity, meaning that they can withstand significantly heavy weighted loads. Their advanced design renders them unsusceptible to splintering, unlike lower-quality imitators. Our pallets are unlikely to be damaged or broken.


Being as sustainable as possible is something we aim to be. We recognise the importance of being environmentally friendly, which is why we design our plastic pallets to be incredibly robust. As a result, they can be used for many years to come, saving Tadley customers money that they would have had to spend on the repurchasing of other pallets.

Low Maintenance

Good news! Our plastic pallets are wonderfully low maintenance.

Requiring minimal upkeep to maintain them, our products will only ever require a washdown from time to time to keep them looking fantastic. As well as offering longevity second to none, these pallets are also mould resistant.


Hygiene is important, and both our new and used are remarkably hygienic. They are meticulously cleaned, ensuring they meet the relevant industry standards with ease. Our plastic pallets are the go-to for food processing businesses and pharmaceutical operations, as they are low contamination risk. This is because of their infestation resistant coating.

Plastic Pallet Prices Tadley

We can provide customers with a free bespoke quote. By entering your preferred plastic pallet, desired quantity and contact details into our online pricing form, we can offer you a tailored price.

Customers in Tadley can make a smart investment now with our new and used plastic pallets. These pallets are incredibly versatile and durable. They are available at highly competitive prices, helping you to stay on budget.

If you have any questions relating to our plastic pallets, their suitability for your Tadley project or anything else, use our online contact form and get in touch today.

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