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The 6 Advantages of Plastic Pallets

21 Dec 2015

When pallets are used for national and international distribution, plastic offers numerous benefits over wooden pallets. They are a more cost­effective investment and enable goods to arrive at their destination without becoming damaged. Here we examine the main seven advantages of plastic over wood and how they can be of benefit to the logistical sector.

Space Saving

One of the key benefits of plastic pallets is that they can be stored more conveniently than wooden versions. When they are empty they can be collapsed, so they’re more convenient to transport compared to wooden ones that still need to be stacked.


The weight of goods can add a considerable amount to the transportation costs. A plastic pallet has the advantage of weighing around 30% to 35% less than wooden versions. This reduces the cost of shipping and increases the profits of companies throughout the supply chain.

Easy to Handle

The lightweight structure of a plastic pallet also makes it easier to handle. Users benefit as even used plastic pallets suffer from less damage than wooden models. There are no sharp edges, splinters or nails to contend with, which can improve health and safety levels.


Businesses across the globe are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve their environmental credentials, and limiting the number of wooden pallets they use is an excellent way of achieving this. The plastic can be completely recycled when it’s no longer usable and then reused to create new pallets.


Plastic pallets are extremely durable, helping to protect the goods that they are transporting.

Clean and Hygienic

Plastic is beneficial in a number of sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and food and drink, where exceptional levels of hygiene are required. These pallets can be cleaned thoroughly after use and, unlike wooden versions, they won’t suffer from pest infestations, mould or rot, which can harbour bacteria. The use of plastic in the production of pallets benefits companies across the logistical network, from the initial suppliers through to the distribution companies and finally the end user. They provide convenience, cost-effectiveness, protection, cleanliness and durability, which all result in a reliable and practical pallet than can be reused time and time again.

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