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What are Euro Plastic Pallets?

10 May 2023

Euro plastic pallets prices

Euro plastic pallets are the standardised pallet size for Europe, usually made from easily recyclable plastic. As a standardised size, all Euro plastic pallets or wooden pallets are 1200x800mm. They are one of six pallet sizes recognised worldwide by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

They can easily be stacked or transported, making them excellent options for any business looking to store or move products long distances safely and securely. At Plastic Pallets, we have all kinds of pallets, crates, and wraps available, including new and used Euro plastic pallets. Check out our website for more information on our products today!

Why Choose Euro Plastic Pallets?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Euro plastic pallets. First of all, as they are the standard size used across Europe, they can save money and time. Once the products arrive in Europe from the UK, warehouse workers won’t have to worry about unloading the products and restacking them upon Europe-standard pallets. If you run a business that transports between the EU and the UK, there’s no reason not to invest in Euro plastic pallets!

However, plastic Euro pallets also have a series of other benefits, such as being easy to clean, safer to handle, lightweight, and easily reusable! 

Reusable & Long Lasting

The plastic used in all our Euro plastic pallets is durable and capable of withstanding sudden blows or knocks. There’s no risk of fragmentation or splintering, meaning you could expect your Euro plastic pallets to last for years of consistent use as long as they are stored and transported safely. 

The plastic is lightweight and easy to recycle, meaning that at the end of their long lifespans, your Euro plastic pallets can be collected, recycled, and refurbished into new pallets or into entirely new products!

At Plastic Pallets, we have an excellent used pallet collection service. Fill out our online collection form if you have unused pallets, and we’ll ensure that they avoid landfills and continue helping the industry transport goods around the world! Help us create a more sustainable world by reducing wasted plastic and wood now.

Easy To Clean

Euro plastic pallets aren’t porous, meaning they don’t absorb any moisture. This means that they are incredibly easy to clean and sanitise, plus in the event of a spilt product or chemical, they can be wiped quickly and efficiently without needing to wait around for them to dry out.

They can also be used despite intense weather conditions, especially with the help of our pallet wrap. You won’t have to worry about rain or leaks damaging your Euro plastic pallets.

Any company transporting hygienically sensitive products across the UK to Europe could benefit significantly from our Euro plastic pallets thanks to their standardised size and hygienic design.

Safe Construction

A great thing about Euro plastic pallets is that they don’t require any screws, nails, or glue. They typically come as a single moulded piece of plastic, making them durable yet lightweight. The lack of screws or nails means there’s never any risk of rust contaminating sensitive products and a reduced risk of accidents caused by sharp or pointy objects. 

Stacking, transporting, and storing products using Euro plastic pallets can be made safe and easy if best practices are followed. Reduced risk of accidents across the board thanks to a safer product can lead to faster transportation and storage of products, potentially helping to reduce costs.

Pallet wrap can also further enhance the safety of Euro plastic pallets and can keep products in place while being moved across a warehouse or between trucks.

Why Choose Plastic Pallets?

At Plastic Pallets, we can supply a wide range of products, from Euro plastic pallets to pallet wraps and plastic crates. We deliver to many areas, and our delivery times are speedy and reliable. Learn more about our delivery service on our website here!

We believe in creating quality, sustainable products that can last for years. With our used pallet collection service, we dedicate ourselves to our cause to create an environmentally friendly business. Click here to learn more about our sustainability mission and who we are.

Euro Plastic Pallet Prices

Purchase your new or used Euro plastic pallets today! We have plenty of options available if you’re in need of a different measurement or style of pallet, so we’re sure to have something that suits your needs. Whatever you’re looking for, our website’s search bar and easy-to-read menus make it easy to navigate to the exact product you want. Plus, thanks to our simple checkout process, you won’t have to wait for a quote for more straightforward orders. Add the product to your cart and head to the checkout to pay!

Call us today at 03301 747 766 or fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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