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Where Can Euro Pallets Be Shipped?

24 May 2023

Newly manufactured black euro plastic pallet on a white background

Euro pallets can be shipped around the UK and internationally, making them an excellent option for customers needing to transport goods outside the UK or into the UK.

Discover more about the advantages of Euro pallets and how they can be shipped below, or check out the rest of our website and begin purchasing your new and used plastic Euro pallets.

What Is A Euro Pallet?

A Euro pallet is a specific size and shape of pallet that is used as standard across Europe, and they are one of the six pallet types recognised worldwide by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). 

Euro pallets are all 1200 X 800mm and can be made from plastic, softwood, fibreboard, metal, and hardwood. All of these material types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Still, plastic is capable of being used in hygiene restrictive environments thanks to its lightweight yet durable construction as well as its ability to be easily washed and cleaned.

This standard set of dimensions is approved for transportation throughout the EU, making them fantastic for storing, moving, and shipping goods. 

Advantages Of Euro Pallets

A significant advantage of using Euro pallets to ship your goods is that because they are standard across the EU, your goods won’t have to be unloaded and reloaded once they arrive. This could save on transportation time and even costs, as your products can go from shipment to warehouse to delivery with less downtime.

Not having to unload and reload the products onto the EU’s standard can also reduce the risk of accidents, spillages, and damages, as the Euro pallets won’t have to be handled nearly as often.

An added advantage of plastic Euro pallets, in particular, is how easy they are to clean and the fact that their strength is evenly distributed across their entire surface, making them even safer than their alternative material counterparts. They’re also incredibly durable, letting them withstand long shipping distances. As long as they are maintained and transported correctly, they can last for multiple journeys without needing to be replaced.

Accessories For Shipping Euro Pallets

If you need to ship or transport Euro pallets a long way or move them around a warehouse often, check out our assortment of accessories. Pallet collars and wraps can be valuable tools to keep products safe and secure during transport. Euro pallets can be shipped across very long distances and can end up needing to be handled by many people. Pallet wrap can prevent more sensitive products like food and medicine from being contaminated during transport, making it a cost effective way to ensure an intact delivery. 

Why Choose Plastic Pallets For Euro Pallets?

Plastic Pallets has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic Euro pallets and standard pallets for years. As a family owned business, we believe in providing high quality, speedy service. All orders made before 12:00 pm can benefit from next day delivery, and our checkout service makes it incredibly easy to make your Euro pallet purchase in just a few clicks. Additionally, for more bespoke orders, our free online quoting tool can get you a price for your niche order in just a few minutes, so you won’t have to wait around.

We also offer all sorts of plastic pallets. Whether you are looking for newly manufactured pallets for specific hygiene needs or want a more cost effective alternative, we can provide new and old standard, non-standard, and Euro pallets across the UK.

Additionally, if you have Euro or standard pallets you no longer need, use our recycling and collection service! We have made it our mission to reduce the amount of plastic in the UK that heads to landfill, and with our collection service, we can even pay you for your pallets depending on their type and location.

Find out more about our bespoke delivery and collection services on our website, or call us at 0330 1757 766, and a friendly team member will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Euro Pallet Prices

Check out our used and new Euro pallets on our website today for a wide selection of competitively priced options. Our easy checkout system makes it easy to get your order in just a few clicks, and for more bespoke requirements, we have a free quoting engine that can get you a unique price in just a few minutes. Call us at 0330 1757 766 or leave your details with our online contact form, and a friendly member of staff will get back to you to answer any questions or queries you may have. Got Euro pallets you no longer need? Fill out our collection form, and we can take them off your hands to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill.

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