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Worldwide demand for bulk packaging set to exceed $59bn in 2018

20 Feb 2015

The manufacturing sector has grown considerably in the past couple of years, and we will see a further increase in output during the coming three years. This growth in manufacturing will further increase the demand globally for bulk packaging. A new report has recently estimated that the market as a whole will reach over $59 billion by 2018.

With the economic recovery well under way, the speed of growth within manufacturing will be quicker than we have already seen. This will have an impact on the demand for bulk packaging. The latest figures from the World Bulk Packaging report by the Freedonia Group highlights that the requirement for bulk packaging will rise by 5% a year, reaching $59.2 billion in 2018. The main boost for the market will come from an increase in manufacturing output, but there will also be other factors that have an influence.

US Demand

The US will be one of the main driving forces behind the bulk packaging market in the next few years. We will see a further increase in the nation’s food requirements, and this sector requires a large amount of packaging. The majority of this is produced from plastic, as it offers significant advantages to the food and beverage market.

Pallets and crates produced from plastic provide a convenient solution for transporting and storing food items. They can be hygienically cleaned, which is one of the main considerations for the food sector and is why plastic is the best solution in these instances.

Plastic also offers advantages for the shipping and handling of food goods. It is easy to colour-code plastic, which can allow different food groups to be allocated their own colour. This makes the shipping process far smoother and reduces any issues.

Developing Nations

In the overall bulk packaging sector, the biggest increases will be seen across the developing areas. These include Africa and the Middle East, South and Central America and the Asia Pacific region. Amongst individual countries, Indonesia and India are likely to record some of the biggest gains.

One of the largest users of bulk packaging over recent years has been China, which has seen a huge surge in manufacturing output. Growth will not be as fast-paced in the coming few years, but the country will still see some of the highest demand for bulk packaging.

Efficient Transportation

One of the key reasons why bulk packaging has seen such a rise in usage, especially within the logistics sector, is because it creates a more efficient transportation system. Pallets and crates are in extremely high demand, as they provide a simple and effective means of transporting goods on a global basis. The pallets or crates can be easily stored side by side or stacked, meaning that more items can be accommodated per container or lorry. This reduces the number of journeys required, decreasing the financial and environmental costs of the transportation process.

As the worldwide demand for goods shows no sign of abating, we will see further growth in demand for bulk packaging in the coming years. It is extremely beneficial to the manufacturing industry as a whole, creating cost-effective and efficient ways of transporting goods across the globe.

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