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7 Considerations To Make Before Purchasing Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

20 Nov 2018

If you handle heavy duty loads, use high rack warehouses or automated product handling then we have collated some considerations to make before purchasing heavy duty plastic pallets.

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7 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets:

Insist on Buying Heavy Duty Pallets Made From 100% Virgin HDPE Material

Unless you require an extremely tough pallet, the high density polyethylene pallet is a great choice. Otherwise known as HDPE, these pallets are made to be strong, durable, sturdy and stable, and absorb little moisture.These pallets are able to serve you for a long period of time, which is a great way to save you money in the long run.

Understand the Plastic Pallet Manufacturing Process

Although there are slightly different steps, depending on the plastic pallet manufacturing process, the main steps of the processes are similar. Plastic is melted to a high temperature and poured into a mold shape that you will leave to cool, which will then create your pallet.

Ensuring the Heavy Duty has Anti-Slip Top Deck

If an item was to slip off the pallet, this could cause serious damage to both the product and anyone nearby. It is important to ensure that anti-slip top deck is a high priority.

Choose a Durable and Dimensionally Stable Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

It is advised to carry out a durability test to ensure the plastic pallet is durable and dimensionally stable enough for your shipment. A heavy duty plastic is made from 100% heavy duty materials.

Consider the Ease of Handling the Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

The ease of handling a heavy duty plastic pallet is vastly around considering the entry and exit points of a forklift accessing the pallet. Once considerations have been made to ensure your forklift is able to access the pallet correctly without risk of damage, your pallet should last its full lifespan.

Know the Size of Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

It is important to know the dimensions of your pallet in order to correctly plan your shipment. The height, width, thickness and weight of the pallet is important to ensuring you choose the correct pallet for your needs.

Consider Stackable or Rackable heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Considering the space you have to store your pallets will also pay a part in choosing the correct plastic pallet, for example if you require rackable or stackable heavy duty plastic pallets.

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