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Are Plastic Pallets Recyclable?

31 May 2023

Recyclable Plastic Pallets

Plastic is an incredible modern material that is easily formed into a limitless number of shapes and sizes. Its durable yet lightweight properties make it a go-to material for everything from containers to toys. Still, its lack of biodegradability means it can harm the environment if left to pollute the earth. Plastic can not only damage our ecosystem, but it can directly impact how we live our lives, which is why it is so important to recycle and reuse it as often as possible to keep our business eco-friendly. 

Luckily, as technology has advanced, it is possible for plastic pallets to be recycled! Even severely damaged plastic pallets can be refurbished, recycled, and reused, so there’s no reason for them to end up in landfills. 

Discover more about the recycling process below, or check out our used pallets on our website. Additionally, Plastic Pallets offers a speedy collection and recycling service so you can rid yourself of unwanted pallets safely and responsibly.

Plastic Pallet Recycling Process

Most used pallets we collect can simply be repaired and cleaned before being resold on the market as used plastic pallets. Typically, these types of pallets aren’t suitable for business environments with high hygiene requirements, but we always ensure that any refurbished pallets we sell meet our high quality standards.

Plastic pallets that are too severely damaged to be refurbished and put back into circulation can be melted down and transformed into plastic granules, similar to tiny beads of sand. After these granules are gathered, they are heated up again and pressed through a tightly packed mould.

Once the melted plastic has cooled within the mould, the mould is opened, and a new plastic pallet is formed. This pallet can then be resold on the market, and just like that, a large amount of plastic is saved from being wasted in a landfill!

Alternative Uses for Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets can be recycled in alternative ways too! Instead of repairing and reselling them as pallets directly, pallet owners can find a new purpose for their pallets in a number of creative ways.

For example, plastic pallets can be safely cut apart into sheets of plastic which could be reattached to create a container for everything from plants to tool storage! Or, they can be combined in another way to create a wrack for tools, coats, or shoes. If you have an extensive collection of plastic or timber pallets, they could be taken apart and used as raw materials to build bigger structures like sheds or play areas for children, like a sandbox or a fort. The limit really is just your imagination! 

Additionally, the plastic pallets could still be recycled via the plastic granule method, but instead of being moulded into new pallets, they can be moulded into all sorts of new plastic merchandise to suit almost any sort of need. With so many choices at your disposal, plastic pallets can be recycled nearly limitlessly!

To find out more detailed tutorials on alternative uses for your plastic pallets, check out our other blogs here. For creative ways to reuse your wooden pallets, check out some of our other tutorials here on our sister website.

Plastic Pallets Collection Service

At Plastic Pallets, we are proud to offer our collection and recycling service across the UK! If you have any unwanted or unused plastic pallets, then give us a call today at 03301757766 or fill out our online collection form. No matter the conditioner style of your pallets, we can either refurbish or recycle them so that nothing goes to waste. From Euro to standard and non-standard, we take it all. We may even pay you for them depending on the type and number of pallets you need us to collect! 

Help us create a more sustainable environment by handing over your old pallets to ensure they don’t end up in landfills! If you’re in need of replacement plastic pallets, then check out the rest of our website for our new and used plastic pallets and pallet accessories. Over 80% of the plastic pallets we sell are created using recycled materials, with the other 20% being made from virgin plastic to meet high hygiene standard requirements and colour needs. Bespoke coloured pallets must be made from specially made coloured material, as we cannot recolour recycled pallets.

Plastic Pallet Prices

Make sure your plastic pallets are recycled by calling us today at 03301757766 or filling out our online contact form! At Plastic Pallets, we can provide you with all kinds of new and used plastic pallets and pallet accessories, such as pallet collars and pallet wrap. It’s easy to purchase everything you need with our simple checkout service, or for more bespoke orders, use our free online quoting tool, which can get you a price in minutes.

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