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Are Plastic Pallets Sustainable?

31 May 2023

plastic pallets UK

Plastic and wooden pallets have their own strengths and weaknesses that make both of them valuable tools for transporting and storing goods in a cost effective and safe manner. One strength that is usually given to wooden pallets is their biodegradable nature, making them much safer for the environment. However, with modern technology, plastic pallets can also have a much lower impact on the environment than one might think.

But are plastic pallets sustainable? Believe it or not, plastic pallets can be recycled, refurbished, and reformed to be returned to the market or turned into entirely new products. The sustainability of plastic pallets comes from their ability to be used over and over, whereas wooden pallets’ sustainability comes from their ability to degrade naturally and healthily within the environment.

Discover the ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic pallets below, or discover our new and used pallet range on the rest of our website.


A great way to make plastic pallets more sustainable is to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used to manufacture them. Here at Plastic Pallets UK, we manufacture 98% of our pallets from recycled materials! With the other 2% being made from new material to meet high hygiene requirements and bespoke colour needs. 

We also collect and sell refurbished used plastic pallets, and our extensive range can be a cost effective solution if you are in need of a smaller collection of pallets or are looking for a highly sustainable option. Additionally, we always have all sorts of special offers, including our used pallets.


Another method to improve the sustainability of plastic pallets is to reuse them repeatedly instead of replacing them. Unlike timber pallets or other materials, plastic is incredibly lightweight for the amount of weight it can support. Plus, as there are no nails or glue holding the pallet together, the strength is evenly distributed, making it much less likely for any stress breaks or damage to occur. If that wasn’t enough reason to reuse plastic pallets, they’re also extremely easy to clean and dry as they won’t absorb any moisture. Their easy to clean nature makes them incredibly popular for use in high hygiene environments, such as for transporting and storing food and medicine.

Alternatively, the plastic itself from plastic pallets can be reused in new ways rather than for their traditional purpose. For example, they can be stripped apart and used to build planters, forts and other play areas for kids or to create racks for coats, shoes, or tools. The possibilities continue and are only limited by the imagination of the pallet owner.


Finally, there is recycling for pallets that can’t be reduced or reused. The recycling process for plastic pallets is actually quite simple. The plastic pallet is melted and broken into a collection of tiny plastic beads called granules. These plastic granules are then compacted and injected into a mould, where they are melted once again and pressed with incredible pressure.

Once the mould has cooled, it is removed, and a new plastic pallet is born! Even significantly damaged plastic pallets can be recycled using this process and put back into circulation on the market, so there’s no reason ever to send pallets to a landfill! 

Plastic Pallet Collection & Recycling Service

Use Plastic Pallet’s comprehensive recycling and collection service today to responsibly and sustainably dispose of all your unwanted plastic pallets! We can collect all kinds of plastic pallets from across the entirety of the UK, and depending on the number and type of pallet you have to offer, we could even pay you for them. There’s no reason to let your plastic pallets go to waste, so why not give us a call at 03301757766, or fill out our online collection form?

At Plastic Pallets, we can provide you with all your pallet needs under one roof; we supply everything from Euro pallets to standard and non-standard sizes. Additionally, we sell pallet wraps, collars, and all kinds of accessories to help keep your products safe during storage and transport. We can even provide speedy next day delivery for all orders placed before 12:00 pm!

Plastic Pallet Prices

Are you in need of sustainably manufactured plastic pallets? Then use our easy checkout service to purchase all your new and used plastic pallets today. We can provide everything from Euro, standard, and non-standard sizes alongside all sorts of pallet accessories like wraps and collars. Got pallets but no use for them? Fill out our online collection form or call us at 03301757766, and we’ll collect them to prevent them from ending up in a landfill! Alternatively, leave your details with our online contact form for any other queries. For bespoke orders, use our free quoting engine for an accurate price in just a few clicks.

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