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Can Plastic Pallets Be Recycled?

24 May 2023

plastic pallets recycled

Compared to wooden pallets, most people assume that plastic pallets are more challenging to recycle due to their more singular construction and non-biodegradable nature. However, plastic pallets can be recycled just as easily as their timber counterparts! 

Find out how you can recycle and reuse plastic pallets and avoid sending them to landfills below, or give us a call at 0330 1757 766, and a friendly member of our team will help answer any questions you may have about recycling your plastic pallets.

Durable & Long Lasting

Our plastic pallets are fantastic for reusing and repurposing because they are durable yet lightweight, making them the perfect type of pallet for reusing over the course of multiple jobs without ever needing to find replacements.

Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets are typically made from a singular piece of moulded plastic which means there’s a much lower chance of them breaking as the strength is evenly distributed across the whole pallet. Plastic pallets can be cleaned extremely easily, making them have the potential to last for years, even in the case of spills and intense weather conditions.

Check out our range of sturdy products here. We can offer Euro pallets, standard, and non-standard pallets to suit a wide range of needs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For more bespoke orders, use our free quoting engine!

Recycling Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets can also be recycled in their entirety and not just reused! Modern technology and techniques can melt down the plastic used in these pallets and reform it into new shapes, including brand new pallets or other products.

But what is the plastic pallet recycling process?

To begin with, our plastic pallets start as plastic waste, which is ground down into plastic granules like sand. Afterwards, we inject these tiny granules into a mould under extreme heat and pressure to melt them down again into the form of a pallet. Once it has cooled and dried, the pallet can then be shipped out to our customers.

Additionally, after our customers have enjoyed the use of our durable and long lasting pallets, the whole process can begin again, thanks to our comprehensive collection and recycling service!

Plastic Pallets Collection & Recycling Services

Got plastic pallets that you no longer need? Then fill out our collection form on our website to make use of our excellent collection and recycling service. We can collect, refurbish, and recycle your plastic pallets to ensure they don’t end up in landfills. Depending on your location and the type of pallets you have to hand over, we could even pay you for it, so there’s no reason to let your plastic pallets go to waste.

If your pallets are damaged beyond refurbishment, then fret not. We can still melt them down into granules and press them through our moulds to make them as good as new! All our used pallets are repaired or rebuilt to meet our high regulation standards, so you can have peace of mind when you buy from our used range that they can provide quality performance whether you use them for storage, shipping, or DIY projects.

Why Choose Plastic Pallets?

Here at Plastic Pallets, we can provide you with all kinds of new and used pallets, whether you’re in need of Euro pallets for international shipping or standard pallets for right here in the UK. Plus, we can also offer a wide variety of pallet accessories, including pallet collars and wraps, to keep your products safe and secure while being transported or moved around a warehouse.

We have committed ourselves to environmentally friendly and sustainable operations at Plastic Pallets. We believe in reducing plastic waste and complying with all standards and regulations to help recycle and reuse plastic wherever possible. Our collection and recycling service is just a single part of our mission to prevent plastic pallets from ending up in landfills. Every member of staff is made aware of the objectives of our Quality and Environmental Management System, which is implemented to meet ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Over 80% of all our plastic pallets are manufactured from reclaimed materials, so that you can purchase your plastic pallets from us with peace of mind. Choose Plastic Pallets today for a more sustainable, eco-friendly world.

Plastic Pallet Prices

Start recycling your plastic pallets with us today, and complete our collection form. Call us at 0330 1757 766 or leave your details with our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re in need of new or used plastic pallets, then discover the rest of our website, where you can find all types of plastic pallets and pallet accessories to suit your needs. For more bespoke orders, use our free quoting engine to get a price in just a few minutes.

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