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How Sustainable Are Plastic Pallets?

24 May 2023

sustainable plastic pallets

Over the years, plastic pallets have become increasingly easier to reuse, refurbish, and recycle, leading to increased overall sustainability. While wooden pallets have a limited shelf life due to their biodegradable nature, plastic pallets can potentially last for decades, allowing companies to reuse them repeatedly for all kinds of tasks. 

Discover more about sustainable plastic pallets below, or find new and used plastic pallets for sale on our website. We can provide all kinds of pallets, from Euro pallets for international use to standard and non-standard pallets for use within the UK.

Strong & Hygienic

Plastic pallets can last for decades without decaying or warping when made to modern standards, and while this can be an issue when they are left within a landfill or disposed of incorrectly, this makes them perfect for reuse within industries that are constantly shipping, transporting, and storing cargo and goods. They can easily be cleaned and won’t absorb moisture like wood can, making them perfect for customers that tend to handle wet produce or work in harsh weather conditions. Their lightweight construction makes them safer to handle and manoeuvre around a warehouse.

A single durable and robust plastic pallet can be reused repeatedly within a hygienic working environment. Meanwhile, a wooden pallet may need to be repaired after every use. This constant need to replace wooden pallets due to sanitary conditions could lead to the loss of more trees to supply the necessary timber. Meanwhile, the plastic pallet can reach the end of its useful lifespan and then be collected by the appropriate company, which can be melted down and recycled into a brand new pallet.

Repairing & Recycling

Because plastic pallets are typically made to have a one piece construction design, they don’t need any nails, screws, or glue. This, coupled with them not being made of separated boards, means their strength is evenly distributed across their entire surface. By having a lack of weak points where stressful amounts of weight can accumulate, plastic pallets don’t have to be repaired as often as they tend not to break as much as alternative materials.

Additionally, thanks to modern technology and techniques, plastic pallets can be completely melted down into granules, which can then be injected into a mould and melted to fit the new shape. This means even a badly damaged pallet that has reached the end of its lifecycle can be collected, melted, and transformed into a brand new pallet to start the cycle over again! 

Plastic Pallets Recycling & Collection Service

Plastic Pallets is proud to offer our recycling and collection service across the UK. If you have plastic pallets you no longer need, fill out our online collection form today and let us take care of the recycling process. Depending on the pallets you have to offer and your location, we may even be able to pay you for your pallets! 

We don’t just collect the pallets, though; we also refurbish, recycle, and resell them so that we can help improve the environment and prevent them from ending up in a landfill somewhere. If you are in the UK and think you have any pallets lying around, no matter their size, shape, or age, then there’s no reason not to call us at 0330 1757 766. We would love to hear from you to take your unwanted plastic pallets.

Why Choose Plastic Pallets?

At Plastic Pallets, we take sustainability seriously and have made it our mission to reduce plastic waste throughout the UK. In 2022 alone, we encouraged the recycling of 1,536,496 pieces of plastic packaging, which is the equivalent of the waste generated by 2,049 people in one year! 

Over 80% of our new pallets are manufactured using recycled materials, with the other 20% being made of new materials to meet all hygiene standards and colour requirements. We can offer all your plastic pallet needs under one roof and can even provide speedy lead times with next day delivery on orders made before 12:00 pm. 

Find out more about our delivery service and our returns policy on our website. Or, call us on 0330 1757 766. We’d love to hear from you!

Plastic Pallet Prices

Get your sustainable new and used plastic pallets today on our website! Our checkout service is quick and easy and can get you your products in just a few clicks. Call our team today on 0330 1757 766 or use our online contact form if you have questions about our products. Got pallets you no longer need? Then fill out our collection form, and we’ll collect your pallets to ensure they don’t get wasted. If you have a particularly large or bespoke order, use our free quoting engine now to get an accurate price in just a few minutes.

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