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Do You Collect Euro Plastic Pallets?

24 May 2023

Collect Euro Pallets

At Plastic Pallets, we can collect all kinds of plastic pallets in any condition across the UK, including the ability to collect Euro plastic pallets. If you have any unwanted Euro plastic pallets, be sure to give us a call at 0330 1757 766 or use our handy collection form, and we’ll be sure to put them to good use.

Learn more about our collection services below and what makes Euro pallets unique, or purchase new and used Euro pallets on our website today. With our checkout service, you can get almost any plastic pallet and pallet accessory in just a few clicks.

What Is a Euro Pallet?

A Euro pallet is a type of pallet with a specific set of dimensions, and they are one of only six pallet types recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and businesses worldwide. The standardised dimensions of Euro pallets are 1200 X 800mm, which is approved for transportation across all of the EU.

Many Euro pallets are made from hardwood or softwood thanks to them being cost effective and easy to manufacture. However, plastic Euro pallets have all sorts of additional benefits that make them advantageous. For example, as Euro pallets are the standard use across Europe, it is common for them to be used to ship food and medicine worldwide. Plastic Euro pallets are incredibly easy to clean, making them very hygienic. Plus, they can simply be wiped down without the concern of them absorbing any moisture from accidental spillages. 

If you transport or ship products between the EU and the UK, then Euro pallets can be a perfect investment for you, as investing in them could speed up your shipping and delivery times. Warehouse workers won’t have to worry about unloading and reloading your products after they arrive in the EU, making the process of storing and transporting them more manageable, safer, and faster.

Additionally, plastic Euro pallets are typically created in one piece construction, meaning that their strength and weight limits are evenly distributed across their surface and don’t have any nails or glue holding them together. This even strength, alongside their lightweight construction, makes them much safer to handle over long periods and distances.

New & Used Euro Pallets

At Plastic Pallets, we sell both new and used plastic Euro pallets making it easy to find precisely what you need. The massive collection of used Euro pallets we have to offer have all been repaired and refurbished to our high standards so that you can benefit from a cost effective solution without any compromise on quality or durability. 

80% of our manufactured plastic pallets are made using recycled materials, with the other 20% being made from new materials to meet rigorous hygienic standards and colour requirements. If you are in need of a specific colour of plastic Euro pallet, or have a particularly large order you would like to discuss, then check out our collection of new Euro pallets or use our free online quoting engine, which can get you an accurate quote in only a few clicks.

We also sell plastic pallet wrap and other pallet accessories to keep your products safe during long transports with your Euro pallets. They can be a cost effective product that prevents unwanted spills or damage during shipping.

Plastic Pallets Collection & Recycling Service

We have made it our mission to help reduce the amount of plastic pallets that get sent to landfills. Our collection and recycling service has already helped put thousands of used pallets back into service where they continue to see great use instead of polluting our environment. All the standard, non-standard, and Euro plastic pallets that we collect are refurbished to meet our high quality standards before being resold, and for those that are in too bad condition to be refurbished or repaired, we melt them down into plastic granules. Afterwards, these granules are injected into a mould, where they are transformed into brand new plastic pallets. 

Fill out our collection form today, and let us take any unwanted Euro pallets and help us create a more sustainable world.

Euro Plastic Pallet Prices

Let us collect Euro plastic pallets from you today and help us create a more sustainable environment! Just fill out our online collection form, and we will be able to collect your pallets anywhere across the UK. For any additional information or questions, give us a call at 0330 1757 766 or leave your details with our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Plastic Pallets is a proud manufacturer and collector of all types of new and used plastic pallets. Buy all your pallets and pallet accessories in one place and enjoy speedy next day delivery on all orders made before 12:00 pm. Check out our quoting engine for more bespoke orders, or use our simple checkout system.

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