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Plastic Pallets Basingstoke

07 Dec 2021

Plastic Pallets Basingstoke

We offer a range of versatile plastic pallets for Basingstoke customers. From transportation and storage to interior design and DIY projects, our plastic pallets are incredibly functional and adaptable. Our selection of plastic pallets come in a range of different sizes and weight capabilities, so you are sure to find something that meets your specific requirements and budget. Get a quote from us or contact our team of experts to order your plastic pallets.

We offer both new plastic pallets  and used plastic pallets for our Basingstoke customers to choose from. Both plastic pallet ranges are incredibly robust and will keep your goods secure for both transportation and storage jobs. We offer competitive pricing, ensuring customers get the perfect mix of quality and price.

We have years of experience within the pallet industry and will work with you to ensure you get exactly the right purchase for your requirements. Despite the bad reputation plastic has garnered, our plastic pallets can be recycled and last far longer than timber alternatives. We offer sustainable solutions for our customers because we know how important eco-friendly products are.

plastic pallet prices basingstoke

Plastic Pallet Benefits

Low Cost

Our plastic pallets offer superior levels of robustness, which makes them a fantastic long term option for Basingstoke customers. These pallets can be used for many years to come without needing to be maintained. You won’t have to worry about re-purchasing pallets once investing in our plastic models. Our transparent and competitive pricing will not be compromising the quality of our plastic pallets.



We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and offer green products. We have specially developed our production and manufacturing to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. This means that we can offer our customers green products that help care for the environment. This range of pallets can also be reused multiple times, which helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets sent to landfills.

You can also get your plastic pallets recycled with us. We offer a collection service for unwanted plastic pallets. Here at Plastic Pallets, we know the importance of plastic not going to waste. Should you like to use this service, take a look at our Plastic Pallets Recycling Service page.



The plastic pallets that we manufacture and supply have been specially designed to adapt to adverse and sometimes temperamental weather conditions. Throughout the year, your Basingstoke business can use our plastic pallets without worrying about their integrity. They are reliably structurally intact, ensuring that your goods will always be transported securely. We offer a range of accessories, upgrades and features that can be added to our plastic pallets, including skids, safety rims, and slip-on runners to boost their durability and robustness.




Transportation and storage are the most common use for our plastic pallets. Your products or belongings can be placed securely onto the pallet and can be either strapped or shrink-wrapped in place for enhanced security. We work to relevant European standards so that you can efficiently export your goods. Once you’ve finished your project and no longer require our pallets, you can have them recycled, use them as a DIY or as an interior design feature.


plastic pallet prices basingstoke


New Plastic Pallets

New plastic pallets are the perfect option for customers that want a premium packing solution. This quality range features some of the sturdiest pallets available in the industry and comes in a broad range of unique sizes and weight capacities. It has never been easier to find the right solution for your needs.

When manufacturing our new plastic pallets, we ensure that every product is crafted to premium standards and deliver improved levels of quality. Our plastic pallets are durable and long-lasting, even though they cost more than used pallets, they are a fantastic investment for any type of business.


Used Plastic Pallets

If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to new pallets, we recommend checking out our range of used plastic pallets. These second-hand pallets are all refurbished to ensure that they offer all our Basingstoke customers a higher level of functionality. Used pallets are 60% cheaper than new pallets yet never compromise on security and durability.

Used plastic pallets are especially suitable for medium-load goods and will secure them in storage and transport. Basingstoke customers may find that used plastic pallets are the best choice for DIY projects or to be used as a display piece. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes, so you can find the right pallet for your specifications and budget.


Plastic Pallet Prices Basingstoke

We supply premium plastic pallets to customers across the Basingstoke area. From storage to transportation, these products can be used for a range of goods. Fill out our pricing form today to get a bespoke quote on our plastic pallets. Simply enter your contact details, your preferred pallet and the volume required, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a price tailored to you.

We are on hand to answer any questions that you may have about our plastic pallets. We are also happy to offer our experienced and impartial guidance. Use our contact form to send us a message today we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a question that needs answering urgently, please call us and have a chat with our team about your business in Basingstoke.

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