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Schoeller Allibert Pushing Plastic for Food Industry

18 Oct 2014

Plastic has long been seen as a viable alternative to wood within the pallet industry. Even though wood remains the material of choice within many sectors, plastic has distinct advantages and is particularly beneficial to the food and drink industry. It also has high levels of cleanliness which is an important factor when exacting hygiene standards are required.

Schoeller Allibert recently spoke to users in the food and drink market to promote the virtues of plastic pallets. They encouraged them to make the switch over to plastic and highlighted the benefits that this material has over wood that are specific to their industry. Plastic Pallets can easily nest together, creating excellent storage and transportation potential. They also take up very little space when empty, so don’t create unnecessary problems when space is at a premium.

The Benefits of Plastic

The company has definitely come to the realisation that plastic can offer the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries a number of advantages when compared with the timber alternatives.

Plastic is a much more hygienic material that is resistant to both moisture and chemicals. The surfaces are simple to clean effectively, even after a number of uses. These types of pallets do not require any form of treatment, whereas wood has to be either heat-treated or chemically treated before use. This can cause delays in delivery if not done correctly, but there are no such issues with plastic pallets.The food industry demands high levels of hygiene in every element of the production process. Plastic pallets have been designed to meet such needs and are an excellent solution to their global transportation requirements.

Another of the key benefits of plastic pallets is that they are extremely durable. There is less chance of them being damaged in transit, and they can be reused over and over again. This makes plastic a more cost-effective solution when you consider the overall price over the whole life of the pallet.

For buyers who are concerned about their effect on the environment, plastic pallets are a more environmentally friendly choice. They can be manufactured from recycled components and ground down to be used again when they are no longer suitable for use.

There are a number of health and safety risks associated with the use of pallets, especially regarding the loading and unloading of them. Plastic pallets are far lighter than wooden models, making it easier for them to be moved around. However, they still manage to remain sturdy and are capable of carrying heavy loads.

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