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Ways to reuse or recycle plastic pallets

14 Dec 2017

With a growing awareness of our need to recycle or reuse many everyday items to reduce the burden on landfill sites, reusing plastic, in particular, is fast becoming a major priority. If you reuse plastic pallets, there are lots of options to repurpose these into new items.

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Functions of the Plastic Pallet

Primarily, the plastic pallet is used for shipping products from one place to another. These flat, crate-like structures boast a number of features that make them ideal for transportation purposes. With their large width and ample slats, they are easy to move by forklifts, but they are also made from robust, durable, weatherproof materials that make them a safe, convenient and effective way to ship a vast range of goods.

Once plastic pallets have been used for transporting items, they can also serve a wide array of functions, and with the increasing trend of upcycling, the plastic pallet certainly has great potential.

Reusing the Plastic Pallet

The fact that a plastic pallet comes in many sizes and consistent dimensions can make them ideal containers for repurposing into other items for personal use. Since these pallets also come with a lengthy lifespan, lasting up to ten years, if you do decide to reuse these pallets for other purposes, you can expect to create something that lasts a long time. If you consider that wooden pallets only last around three years, it’s easy to see why many people might prefer the plastic option.

Importantly, the plastic pallet is fairly inexpensive, so it makes an affordable and practical option for upcycling rather than getting something custom-made.

Repurposing Options

When you decide to recycle plastic pallets, there are lots of ideas to consider for the home or garden, and all you need will be some basic tools and your imagination. For simple project options, you could use the pallet as seating, as a table or for storage. As well as repurposing into furniture or other practical objects, they also serve well as decorative features, such as when they are transformed into picture frames. Some people reuse these pallets as an alternative style of flooring.

The plastic pallets can also be reused for outdoor purposes, and you could make a swing or seat or garden planters. For those short on space, they make the perfect living wall, either inside or outside.

Recycling Pallets

Even if you don’t want to refashion pallets made from plastic for personal use, there is no need for them to end up dumped in the landfill. Since these pallets boast a long lifespan and are made from sturdy, durable materials, many companies are happy to take them from you and either reuse them themselves or recycle them responsibly.

With their versatile uses and durability, plastic pallets can readily be reused and recycled pallets into many items for the home or garden.

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