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What are Plastic Pallets?

27 Apr 2022

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Plastic pallets are a product which is mainly used in the transportation and storage of goods. There is an ever-increasing demand for them due to how easy they are to maintain, clean, load and store. They are also customisable and available in a range of dimensions and designs. What plastic pallets will offer your business is an efficient and productive product that can transport goods all over the world. 

Plastic Pallet Options

We have a range of pallet options to choose from. It’s important to know what plastic pallets will match your needs. Usually, you will be looking for either nestable or stackable pallets, as these will most likely be relevant to you. With our pallets, you will still be able to choose from various sizes and designs.

Types Of Plastic Pallets  

You will want to be aware of what types of plastic pallets are available to make sure you pick the right product for your business from the start. There are various versions of plastic pallets which you will need to choose from. Each option is unique and will have its own advantages, depending on what you are using the plastic pallets for. 

rackable plastic pallets

What are Rackable Plastic Pallets? 

Rackable pallets are the strongest kind of pallet available. The pallets are able to withstand a remarkable amount of weight. What makes these plastic pallets so strong? They feature a bottom with either runners or a picture-frame design. This design is what allows them to carry heavy loads. And due to due to the pallet’s increased weight, it is able to be much stronger than the other versions of pallets. Additionally, the unique design of the pallet allows it to fit well on a rack. 

nestable plastic pallets

What Are Nestable Plastic Pallets? 

Within the distribution industry, nestable plastic pallets are extremely useful. As the pallet’s legs go inside each other, they take up less space. This makes them easy to transport and store. And when not in use, you will find these pallets won’t take up space. What industries are nestable plastic pallets ideal for? Companies that distribute goods, either within their country or globally. Efficient for use on trucks, ships and air freight, it’s simple to utilise these pallets. 

What Are Solid Deck Plastic Pallets? 

Solid deck pallets feature a solid plastic top, which causes them to be strong and durable. These plastic pallets can be made in a number of different ways. You can choose the pallets to have reinforced bars or perimeter lips, which will help with the handling and storing of the pallets. They are also incredibly easy to clean. This is due to their solid and smooth top. When making a decision on the pallet for you, it’s important you consider ‘what are the plastic pallets being used for?’. These pallets are ideal for applications where hygiene is of the greatest importance.

What Are The Plastic Pallet Sizes Available?  

There is a range of plastic pallet sizes available. Pallet sizes can be classified as Euro, non-standard or standard pallets. To make a choice, you will need to consider the space of your storage facility, how you will be transporting them and where you will be transporting them. 

What Are Euro Plastic Pallets? 

As the name suggests, Euro plastic pallets are the standard pallet size used when transporting goods across Europe. Companies that have businesses outside of Europe also tend to use these pallets. This ensures a quick and easy process when repacking goods. Euro pallets are highly durable and easy to maintain and store away. They come in four sizes: 

  1. EUR/EUR1: 800 x 1200mm
  2. EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm
  3. EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm
  4. EUR6: 800 x 600mm

What Are Standard Plastic Pallets?

The standard plastic pallets dimensions are 1200mm x 1000mm. They are simple to customise and meet your requirements. You will have the option of a more lightweight design, perfect if you are on a budget. There is also a heavy-duty version that can hold heavier loads stored in high rack locations. Additionally, standard plastic pallets are ideal for use in environments that require a constant high level of hygiene. This makes them superb for businesses which handle food and pharmaceutical products. 

What Are Non-Standard Plastic Pallets? 

Should you need a wide selection of sizes, our non-standard pallets will be perfect for your company. They offer the benefits of standard pallets but aren’t restricted to set dimensions. If your company has a limited storage space, these plastic pallets will be a suitable choice for you. These pallets are similar to wood, in which they can be easily designed to match up with your specifications. And have the added benefit of being easy to maintain and clean. 

Plastic Pallet Prices 

There is a wide range of plastic pallet options you can choose from. You will be able to have your requirements met with our products. Get a quote today using our online pricing tool. It will provide you with a free and accurate quote. 

Should you like to get in touch with us, you can use our online contact form. We’ll make sure to answer any queries you have. Alternatively, you can call our friendly team on 03301 757 766. They will be happy to talk you through the quoting process and answer any questions. 



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