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Where To Buy Plastic Storage Boxes

24 Aug 2023

Buy Plastic Storage Containers

If you’re looking for where to buy plastic storage boxes, then look no further than Plastic Pallets! We have all sorts of new and used plastic storage boxes available for purchase on our website, alongside our extensive collection of plastic pallets and accessories. You can get all your storage and shipping needs under one roof with Plastic Pallets.

Find out more about our plastic storage boxes below, or start your purchase by checking out our range of new and used plastic storage boxes.

New Plastic Storage Boxes

If you need to buy plastic storage boxes for highly hygienic purposes, we recommend our new plastic storage boxes! These boxes are manufactured to our high quality standards and are created using strong scratch resistant plastic.

We have a wide variety available, including IBC containers and collapsible storage boxes for when space is limited. New plastic storage boxes are incredibly easy to clean, making them excellent choices for pharmaceuticals and food or drink. The plastic doesn’t absorb moisture, so in the case of a spill or accident, it won’t become unusable from stains or contamination. 

Some of our collapsible boxes also have ventilation holes, so no matter what sort of products you need to ship or store, Plastic Pallets is sure to have something that matches your needs.

Do you need to buy your storage boxes fast? Then you’re in luck, we supply throughout the UK, and we can deliver our stock items with next day delivery if you order before noon. Read more about our delivery and returns policy here.

Used Plastic Storage Boxes

The perfect cost effective solution if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to contain your products and goods for shipping or storage. Our used plastic storage boxes are all refurbished to meet our high standards, and just like our new range, we also provide folding and rigid boxes.

Any boxes that we collect that are unable to be refurbished are melted down to be fully recycled. You can learn more about our recycling process for plastic pallets and boxes on our other blog here.

Fish Boxes

We can even provide you with specific plastic storage boxes, such as fish boxes! The fishing industry has depended on our reliable supply of quality packaging and storage boxes for over 30 years. Our plastic fish boxes are created using high density polyethylene and are designed to be durable and easy to clean. 

There are a variety of dimension and weight capacities available for order now on our website. We can even provide fish baskets to complement our box range.

Plastic Pallets

Just as our name suggests, at Plastic Pallets, we can provide much more than just our range of boxes and crates. Our plastic pallet collection comprises everything from Euro, standard, and non standard sizes to pallet wrap and Euro containers.

You can learn more about our product range by visiting the rest of our blogs on our website here.

Space Saving Containers

Our space saving plastic storage boxes could be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking where to buy plastic storage boxes that are easy to store in their own right. Many of our space saving plastic storage boxes can collapse flat or fold up, and many others can be nested to save on space during transportation and shipping. They can even come with lids if you want to keep your products extra safe.

Recycled Plastic Storage Boxes

At Plastic Pallets, we work diligently to ensure that we do our part to protect the environment. That’s why we provide our recycling, refurbishment and collection service! We can collect any unwanted plastic storage boxes or pallets you no longer need and refurbish them for resale or recycling. Over 80% of our plastic pallets are manufactured from reclaimed materials, so when you choose us for your storage and shipping needs, you can have total peace of mind.

We have a whole range of recycled products on our website if you’re interested in a cost effective solution to your plastic storage box needs. Depending on the number, quality, and type of plastic pallets and plastic storage boxes you have, we could even pay you for them. There’s no need to let your unwanted products go to waste! 

Call us today at 03301757766 or fill out our online collection form to have us collect your plastic storage boxes, pallets, and crates today!

Plastic Storage Box Prices

Looking to buy plastic storage boxes? Then check out our plastic storage boxes and pallet boxes on our website. Enjoy expedient national next day delivery for orders placed before 12:00 pm, so don’t delay! For more bespoke orders, check out our free online quoting engine, or get more information by calling us at 03301757766 or filling out our online contact form

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