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Where To Buy Storage Boxes

08 Nov 2023

Plastic pallet storage boxes

You can buy plastic pallet storage boxes directly from Plastic Pallets UK! Our checkout system lets you buy storage boxes in bulk without needing to wait around. For more bespoke orders of pallets, storage boxes, crates, and more, our free quoting engine is available for a fast and accurate price.

We have new and used plastic pallet storage boxes to suit all sorts of budgets. Every used plastic pallet storage box that we sell has been refurbished to meet our high quality standards.

Additionally, over 80% of our plastic pallets and storage boxes are manufactured from reclaimed and recycled material. The only plastic pallet storage boxes that we make using brand new plastic are unique colours such as blue pallets or red pallets, or high hygiene requirements. 

Types of Pallet Storage Boxes

Knowing where to buy storage boxes is only the first step. Buying the correct plastic pallet storage box to suit your needs is also important, as many styles and sizes have unique features that could enhance your storage capabilities.

Collapsible Plastic Pallet Storage Boxes

At Plastic Pallets UK, we have two types of collapsible plastic pallet storage boxes available on our website. The first type has flaps, and we have a version with wheels and without to suit different storage and transportation requirements.

The second type has fully collapsible sides, which can be the perfect choice for someone with limited storage space. When you don’t need the pallet storage box, you can simply collapse its sides and keep it pressed against a wall or even inside a larger storage box!

Being efficient with your shipping and storage products can help save valuable time and money. In today’s environment, being able to move goods quickly and with as little downtime or wasted space as possible is integral to running a successful business. That’s why at Plastic Pallets UK, we work diligently to ensure that our supply of plastic pallet storage boxes, pallets, and accessories are stocked up and ready for your orders.

Plastic Pallet Storage Boxes With Ventilation Holes

Many sensitive goods like certain foods or pharmaceuticals need space to ‘breathe’ while in storage or transport. Our plastic pallet storage boxes with ventilation holes can keep products safe and secure while still letting them get excellent air circulation. 

Plus, another small benefit to this type of plastic pallet storage box is that the ventilation holes can make them slightly lighter, making them easier to manoeuvre and stack. Even a slight change in weight can go a long way when you have a lot of storage boxes in one place.

Fish Boxes

Our fish boxes have been a reliable part of the industrial fishing industry for over 30 years. We manufacture our fish boxes from high density polyethylene plastic, making them not only incredibly durable but also very easy to clean. They can remain hygienic even after multiple uses, which makes them a cost effective tool to incorporate into your fishing toolkit. 

We also have a small collection of fish baskets for those needing a smaller option.

Plastic Pallet Storage Box Recycling & Collection

One of the main ways that we reacquire plastic to use in our plastic pallet storage box manufacturing is from our collection and recycling service!

If you have any old plastic storage boxes lying around, then we’d love to take them off your hands. We collect all sorts of discarded plastic pallets and containers and can even pay you for them depending on the number and make. We don’t send the things we collect to landfills, and our bespoke melting, recycling, and manufacturing process allows us to put new life into old pallets and storage boxes.

Next Day Storage Box Delivery

We’re pleased to offer next day national delivery for all our plastic pallet storage box orders placed before noon. Plastic Pallets UK can provide an excellent collection of pallet products, including fish boxes, IBC containers, space saving containers, and even pallet wrap!

Pallet Storage Box Prices

Buy your plastic pallet storage boxes from Plastic Pallets UK today! Call us on 03301757766 or fill out our online form for expert advice and more information. Visit our offers page to get the best deals on storage boxes and other containers.

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